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What if the WHO, WEF, Klaus Krause, Fuaci, Bill Gates & wife and many like minded elitist globalists originated a plan many years ago to reduce the world population by 75% and garner complete control of everyone that’s left.. Oh yeah that’s old news; it’s called agenda 21 and their using fear as an operating tool. Okay, then, let’s get into some nuts and bolts as it were.

First of all there is no such thing as Covid-19. The virus has never been properly isolated and the PCR test used to identify it is worse than just identifying symptoms (of a flu). How about this? Communist China as one of the players administers “vaccinations’” of MRNA to a couple million Chinese people say in the end of 2017 and a year later a new variant of the flu (the flu virus continues to change) is allowed to be loosed on the population of Wuhan and it spreads. These people have no immunity to the virus because there body’s immune system is set up by the MRNA to identify only an earlier virus. 

Thus the world sees many thousand Chinese people dying everywhere with workers in Hazmat gear gathering the dead and taking them to a disposal center. The fear is struck to the soul of the world and governments and the fear under the leadership of the World Health Organization, Main Stream Media, and like-minded very wealthy people spread the fear faster than any virus could ever move. As well our government officials are either in aggreement with the Elite Globalist plan or are otherwise bought off, blackmailed or coerced to go along with the entire scheme. Main media has also played a major roll in this the devils best lie yet. Let’s not forget what this cabal is after; a one world government. So the first order is wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). First it’s a request and then it’s mandatory. This is the start of dictatorial rule. Social distancing came next. Shutting down business was the next step with isolation and lockdowns. With the help of the media, WHO and government they have moved on to an mrna “vaccine”. It’s not a little suspicious that this mrna genetic engineering was developed in Communist China for cancer patients. Now the Media spew out lies about the “vaccine” and people, without educating themselves or listening to experts not paid by the government or WHO , are rushing to get it. And why? The Flu we have is 99.7% curable so why would you want to make a vaccine, which by the way has already had over 13,000 deaths in Europe alone and over 1.3 million in serious side effects. It’s because it’s also part of Agenda 21. That is to reduce the population of the world. 

What’s next? Bill Gates Luciferus “vaccination” with the patent number 060606 or is that already happening. If you want to further on that, just get a Bible and look up Revelation 13 & 14.  The stage is being set. Maybe it's not a theory; maybe it's the real thing.

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