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Help Save Batman!  

In the late Fall, Batman was wondering if there were any old truth papers lying around (ie. Common Ground, Druthers, Pandemic Papers). He was thinking they were such powerful weapons in the info war that it would be such a shame to let them go to waste. So, he called around and gathered them up. He delivered the papers to 1200 homes before it was time for him to slip into hibernation.  

While in hibernation, Batman got a nasty dose of the Wuhan Bat Bioweapon! After barely surviving, he hunkered back down for the winter to rest and heal. In the Springtime, Batman flew out of his cave ready to once again go to battle with his fellow North Okanagan freedom fighters to combat the bad guys.  

He flew back to his sources to find the old issues of the truth papers and to his utter shock, there were 10 000 copies waiting for him! Batman was so stressed out not knowing if he would be capable of delivering to 10 000 homes, being not as young as he used to be and his joints started aching just thinking about it. He asked his family to help, but they laughed and called him a conspiracy theorist and said he was batshit crazy!  

During the day in his cave, Batman tossed and turned, losing his hair, stressed out about the paper delivery, knowing that he couldn’t let such powerful weapons go to waste. 

Batman is now asking for help from his fellow truth warriors: 

1. Batman would like you to share his youtube video (link below) to notify people of the awareness campaign. 


2. Batman would like everyone to come up with creative ways to distribute the truth papers (i.e. give them to open-minded people or drop them off in waiting rooms). 

Batman wants everyone to know how much he appreciates your help! The old issues to truth papers will be available to pick up every Saturday at the rallies from 12:00 to 2:00.  

The North Okanagan Batman Extravaganza project is brought to you by: 

 https://librti.com/page/view-group-profile?id=151 (Librti Project Page)

StandUp Vernon’s working group, “Waking up our Community.” 

https://librti.com/page/view-group-profile?id=200   (Librti Group Page)

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