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MY MESSAGE TO HIM:"Hi Greg.We recognize that the most important job right now is to wake up our communities. I am part of a group in charge of raising awareness around digital ID. Especially our youth; they won't think twice about signing up. We must be proactive and educate them before it gets rolled out.I have a 14 and 15-year-old. They have been thoroughly brainwashed at school. I asked them if they would sign up for digital ID when given the opportunity and both said they would without question. I then explained to them that signing up for digital ID, is like having a parent watching and supervising you wherever you go and whatever you do. And they both said, 'Hell no! I won't be signing up for that!' So there is hope, as long as we can raise awareness on time.My group was thinking of creating a skit geared toward our youth that can be shared on social media. Probably on TikTok. We were thinking that the best way to illustrate the dangers of digital ID would be through humour. We are not that funny though.... But you have some funny sh*t out there! Have you created any content around digital ID? If not, would you consider doing one?Thanks!Amber and team (Vernon, BC)"HIS RESPONSE:"Greg Wycliffe8:17 AM (41 minutes ago)to meThis is a fantastic idea.I can do my best to bring the humour into this scenario. Do you think the humour video would be targeted at kids? This isn't something I've done in the past - targeting younger demos - but it certainly makes sense for this messaging. I suppose ideally it would appeal to kids and parents.WHAT I NEED:What I need are resources and valid information to know exactly what is going on. I don't have children and don't have many close friends with kids in that 14-15 age group. What I need are examples of the actual messaging this ID campaigns being promoted to kids. What messages are kids receiving on this topic? From whom? what does it look like? Examples?Please feel free to send a long links and screenshots of the messages kids are receiving. This information of "what actual happens in our schools" is hard to find. So if I can see more evidence that is relevant to digital ID being pushed on kids it will help me give the context and confidence for a project like this.I strongly oppose digital ID so would want to pursue this project regardless, my only request after the project was done if people enjoy it, would be to encourage parents and supporters of your group to donate to support my work.But for now if you can send along any resources of what this looks like for kids and the pressure or messages they are receiving about digital ID that would be great!Best,Greg"

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