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Please try this with any smartphone: Turn on Bluetooth pairing...you will see a listing of known BT units in range with MAC addresses. You will also see a random list of unknown low level BlueTooth (BT) MAC addresses that make no sense, unless your unit filters out 'unknown addresses'. To turn it on you need to get into BT filters in 'Developer Options' for your phone.

Are you ready for this?? Vaccinated people are emitting random MAC addresses over a Bluetooth wireless network. I can stand adjacent to a ferry lineup and pick everyone who is jabbed using a BT scanner app with 'Show unknown' enabled.

There is a very detailed video on this done by Mik Anderson at Corona@Inspect. The original appears to be in Spanish, but 'The Expose' has an English translation done with a high end translator-hence the mechanical voice. 

This proves what we have suspected all along, and ties closely with the WEF, WHO, and the full cadre of criminals and traitors to humanity.

Humanity has been violated.

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