CLEAR S/A: Small Business/Employment and Notice of Liability Task Force

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….l legally binding contract between the Canadian Citizens to govern this country as collective Head of State above the governments along with the Indigenous Peoples …

Please pass this along. We need the numbers.

It’s not a petition nor an appeal for government action, it’s an assertion that we have a right to self-govern.

I worried that the video was just going to show you how to fill in the form. The purpose is to give you the heads up that not all fields are visible if completing on a mobile device. Plus, it tells you a little about the agreement.

Take care, Valerie.

BBS has been created to support small business in BC. It's FREE for small businesses to join while customer/consumer members are asked to pay a membership donation to help provide this mutually beneficial service as we navigate through the communist and discriminatory culture that has permeated our society.

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Join the Unity Movement, get one of their green "Unity" stickers and stick it to your business window to let potential customers know that you won't discriminate against them:

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It's easy to break the law, until you realize it's your neck on the line. NOLs remind people that they will be held accountable:

If you own a business or know of a business that doesn't discriminate, sign up with Better Business Standards. It's FREE advertising for businesses in BC! Members/Customers are asked for a yearly donation to help support this non-profit organization. Your membership will give you access to find out which businesses will treat you with the respect that all human beings deserve.

OKANAGAN, BC: Lake Country to Peachland. Connecting employers with employees. Continuing the small business model for self-sustenance while transitioning away from the government-controlled regulations that are presently failing. Adopting a Common Law system that provides more autonomy. Learning independence from Insurance Companies & Unions. Understanding how to use the law to stand up against Government Interference.


Notice of Liability Task Force

OKANAGAN, BC. Lake Country to Peachland. Groups of 3 to methodically enter businesses/restaurants to shop/eat. If refused service, provide a Notice of Liability, properly filled out and recorded on video. Follow established protocols on how to do this and commit to the entire process which involves filing a Human Rights Complaint, and/or Civil Litigation and/or filing Criminal Charges. Keep detailed records. Co-ordinate with Action4Canada.

Small Business/Employment
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