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Various Doctors and Scientist around the world ( USA, SPAIN, AUSTRIA, JAPAN) have released their findings of Nano Technology,  how microprocessors and antennas appear to be used already.  If true, what are the effects of electromagnetic radiation at a Nano Scale?

Here are just a few examples, with new reports every week :

Detection of Graphene by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy by Dr. Pablo Campra

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes on the damage caused by non-ionizing radiation emitted by electronic devices

BEST SUMMARY of Nano Routers / Graphene / Bluetooth / 5G connection

Controlled Testing of Bluetooth ID Numbers

BLUETOOTH NANO IDENTITY CODE, How to Access it on a Phone





"Covid Vaccinated" Man Has Product Number ID-- Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification AI

CHIP HUNTING - in a shopping mall


Does The Certificate-Of-Vaccination-ID SHOT Contain MOTB Chip Which Can Be Tracked?

She Keeps It Short and To The Point- DNA Change, Attacking the God Gene, Transhumanism

"Vaccine"+Graphene+5G= BRAIN CONTROLLED TRANSHUMAN ZOMBIE- Dr. Chinda Brandolino

NANO-ROUTERS | Source of Bluetooth MAC ADDRESSES (of the JABBED)

"Vax-Free" Don't Show Up as BLUETOOTH MISC CODES

GRAPHENE OXIDE & NEUROTECHNOLOGY (Emitting Bluetooth MAC Addresses) in the "Covid Vaccinations"

BLUETOOTH Challenge Confirms BTE MAC Address for EACH "Covid Vaccination" -SHOTS R NUMBERED

BLUETOOTH CHALLENGE--Connects to "Covid Vaccinated" Farmer

MORE Bluetooth Phones Seem to Reveal Those Numbered By "Certificate Of Vaccination ID"

"Covid Vaccinated" Man Has Product Number ID-- Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification AI



Man shows how to locate "vaccinated" people on the dark web, because they are now numbered and tracked real-time:

She Keeps It Short and To The Point- DNA Change, Attacking the God Gene, Transhumanism

Bluetooth Researcher in Australia

Bluetooth Researcher in Australia

"Did a bluetooth packetsniff and spectrum analysis on a repair man who is clearly vaccinated.

Software used: TICCSnifffer, QSpectrumAnalyzer, Wireshark (For later analysis).

Vaxxers nanotechnology is talking to any nearby bluetooth capable device including other vaxxers. So yes man kind is being taken over by the Borg collective in real time.  Proof provided.  Notice Vaxxers MAC addresses manufacturers cannot be looked up."

"Rumour has it the body area network of nanobots talk in the THz band but I can't find any kind of THz frequency interfacing device other than the brown goo possibly and a THz spectrometer for $40k off eBay."

more info at Bluetooth Researcher in Australia

Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots, Have New Zealand Scientists Also Found It?

Article: Nanotech in the shots?

Archived here (in case it gets taken down)

Related videos:

Dr. Matt Shelton & Sue Grey talk outside parliament about these findings

Austrian Research Group Presents Its Findings of Undeclared Components in the COVID-19 "Vaccines"

Orwell City:

German Pathology Conference:

All this has been in the media and movies for years, under a different subject name  :

For those interested in seeing the hollywood connections, search 'Surrogates', 'Cell', 'Utopia', 'Revolution', 'V' and even 007 

MOVIE - Cell

MOVIE  - Omni

MOVIE - Nano

MOVIE  - NANO Signtures in ”Surrogates"

perhaps this may be of interest to you  : 













The UK Health Security Agency said on Dec. 23 that a person infected with Omicron is 70 percent less likely to be admitted to the hospital compared to one with the Delta variant, and is 45 percent less likely to require a visit to the emergency department.

The risk of hospitalization due to Omicron was estimated to be 80 percent lower than with the Delta variant, according to a recent study conducted by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and major universities in South Africa.

As the latest variant of concern, Omicron was found to be more transmissible than previous COVID-19 variants, probably because it multiplies more rapidly—replicating 70 times faster than the Delta variant—according to a study conducted by the University of Hong Kong.

The study also found that Omicron multiplies more in the respiratory tract, which likely explains why it causes significantly lower infection in the lung than the original SARS-CoV-2.

However, government and public health officials have called for further restrictions and mass vaccinations in response to Omicron.

On Dec. 23, the Quebec government tightened public health restrictions for the third time in less than a week, limiting in-person gatherings to six people starting Dec. 26, while gyms, bars, and schools in the province were abruptly closed following a Dec. 20 announcement.

Other provinces and territories also released tougher COVID-19 restrictions on Dec. 21, including British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

In a statement issued Dec. 23, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) urged Canadians to reduce social contacts and receive a vaccine booster shot.

"I am also asking you to use our military and all trained federal personnel to assist in a mass vaccination campaign."

Jagmeet Singh
On December 22nd, 2021, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has called on Trudeau to implement an emergency vaccination campaign aided by the military and federal personnel.

Singh continues, criticizing Trudeau for the failings of his pandemic response — not because he's been too authoritarian, but because he hasn't expanded the COVID welfare state enough.

He subsequently begs Trudeau to aid him in expanding "the current lockdown benefit" and other assistance programs before calling for the unthinkable.

"I am also asking you to use our military and all trained federal personnel to assist in a mass vaccination campaign," Singh writes. "Canadians are trying to follow public health advice by getting vaccinated. People are lining up for hours in the cold for their third dose — they are doing their part."

"Your government must do everything in its power to ensure that vaccines are available and administered quickly. The lives of Canadians depend on it. Our health care workers have been working hard for almost 21 months, we need to give them the support they need to keep going."

Indeed, it has been just shy of two years since pandemic measures were implemented, such as destroying businesses by limiting their capacity or preventing their operation altogether, firing employees for refusing experimental mRNA jabs, preventing people who refuse mRNA jabs from leaving their own country or travelling inter-provincially, etc.

It's also been roughly one year since the government began rolling out the vaccine, using nearly every authoritarian measure at their disposal to compel people to take them by making life hell for those who refuse.

And after one year of mass vaccination, what has been the result? Well, the government's still diminishing Canadians' freedoms, and cases are apparently higher than ever before.
Clearly, the vaccine doesn't work. It isn't a magic bullet. But if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

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Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population.

The Technocrat Magazine (1939)

Original Technocrats viewed people as nothing more than resources on the same level as animals and natural resources on the planet. Their goal was – and still is – to apply “science” to the efficient balancing of resources by controlling production of goods and services as well as their consumption. The objects of this social engineering would have no more control over their own lives than the cattle in a feedlot.

Around the world, there are several Smart City commonalities which can be easily observed in practice and in literature:

Surveillance. Monitor people using biometric facial scanning, geo-spatial tracking, financial data, social media, etc. A population that is surveilled can be easily controlled.

Transportation. Force people out of private vehicles into shared public transportation such as scooters, bicycles, buses, light rail, etc. Without private transportation, they are locked into the city and out of the rural area.

Data. Collect real-time data from the Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE is an expansion of the Internet of Things concept to include people as well.

Control. Social engineering is always leading the thought process of Smart City development. However, unlike elected political representatives, the social engineers are always self-appointed Technocrats who decide what citizens should or should not do, where citizens should or should not go, with whom citizens should or should not associate with, etc.

Can what we call occurring VACCINE FAILURE?Share your thoughts. How do you explain the vast amount of vaccinated being the ones to get the new variant?

Would like my scientific minds to explain this please ...

Starting in April 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, strongly de-identified data and unique insights from the TELUS Insights platform were used to support health authorities and academic researchers in helping reduce COVID-19 transmission.


This is the place to attach science based documents everyone needs for quick reference you can show your doctors, nurses, school teachers and principals, policemen, MLA's, MP's, Politicians, Health Authority, The courts, Newspapers, Media, and family. When you come across a good one please share here as this is a team effort and we all need a quick place to find the info we need.

Scientific Docs On Masks & C-19 Vaccine
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Lori hovorka
I finally took the plunge and wrote to my MLA and MP asking them to join the No More Lockdowns Caucus.
My dad's experience in communication with politicians in Saskatchewan is pointless because they do not respond or take any action. All they do is follow the narrative, intimidated by the opposition party saying they lack leadership then implement what the opposition is pressuring them to do. We have weak leaders with No balls or they are brainwashed like others. I don't really have any faith in them to protect the citizens From the government - just to protect the citizens from a virus with a 99% recovery. And with that rate of recovery what the hell do we need to vaccinate the healthy with an untested vaccine for then. They must think most people are stupid!
I agree TerrificT, I don't expect an answer or any action. I just got tired of doing nothing, even if it wont change anything.
@JayLazz  did you watch liberty talk's video today? Stand 4 thee was on. Very inspiring and empowering interview. Apparently, if they're not answering, there's lots you can do to hold them accountable.
I'll check it out @athirdwhy. Thanks!
I just listened to it!! Awesome info on several topics!! Wondering how to share the video everywhere outside Librti... I just sent a friend the link in an email for a test. Does anyone know how else we can share this? Thanks ahead of time.. 😉
Cousin Pete
Amen! The Liberty talk interview with Stand4Thee was amazing!👍
Lori hovorka
Video conference, duration - 1 min, 15 s.
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Maria Shen
Hi everyone,
The BC Human Rights Commission office has been INUNDATED by PHONE calls against our government's announcement on Aug 23rd (re: vax passports to enter businesses). The Commission is asking that IF you have a complaint about this, please do so in writing via email or mail (don't have to use your real name) so they can get an idea just how many of us are angry about this.
BELOW is another TEMPLATE letter you can use/follow or customize it to your liking. Yes, it is long. EVERYONE, PLEASE LET'S ALL EMAIL THEM this week to let them know how we really feel about it and that we'd like to file a COMPLAINT. They also ask that we cc the Premier/Adrian Dix / Bonnie Henry.
Here is the contact info: (send email to ALL of these addresses)
BC Human Rights Commissioner Contact
cc: John Horgan -
cc: Adrian Dix -
cc: Bonnie Henry -
Dear Human Rights Commissioner,
I am writing to respectfully request your assistance in addressing a government policy that is threatening the human rights of British Columbians, and Canadians.
On August 23, the government announced their plans for vaccine passports that restrict unvaccinated individuals’ capacity to access a broad range of social, recreational and discretionary events and businesses throughout the province. This unconstitutional measure is being used as a means of coercing people into undertaking a medical intervention which goes against the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights on several levels. I will outline below how this violates human rights by identifying several principles that would be violated by the implementation of vaccine passports.
In the first principle, Human Dignity and Human Rights, article 3 paragraph 2 clearly states “The interest and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science and society.”
This principle stipulates that the interests and welfare of the individual is the priority over society. Personal interests and welfare encompass one’s personal health, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural factors. The Declaration states that it “Recognizing that health does not depend solely on scientific and technological research developments but also on psychosocial and cultural factors,” and that “also bearing in mind that a person’s identity includes biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions,” and as such signals that the interests and welfare of the individual should include more than simply their health interests but also their individual psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual interests.
There are many personal reasons to consider when individuals choose not to take a vaccine. The reasons may range from not wanting to be subject to adverse reactions, concern over interaction with current health conditions or medication, or allergic reactions, among others. Each of these reasons are valid due to the fact that long-term safety tests were not completed before the mandated vaccines were put into use. Furthermore, these reasons are valid even after long-term safety studies are completed based on individual health circumstances that contraindicate various medications. In addition to that, many individuals may choose for spiritual reasons that they cannot receive vaccines because of the ingredients used in the vaccines, for example some vaccines use aborted fetal cells which would violate certain individuals spiritual and psychological well-being. Conscience and religious freedoms are also protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which this policy violates in addition to the Declaration. When this is taken together with the additional principles and information outlined below then the vaccination passports and mandatory vaccinations are violating this order of priority of interests, and are not considering the individuals health and wellbeing.
Article 5 addresses Autonomy and individual responsibility, “The autonomy of a person to make decisions, while taking responsibility for those decisions and respecting the autonomy of others, is to be respected.” It is the individual that makes the decision and then they are responsible for the outcome of that decision. If one freely chooses to be vaccinated and potentially have an adverse reaction, or not be vaccinated and potentially contract COVID-19 or another virus, both autonomous decisions should be respected. Just as one choosing to be vaccinated should be respected, so should one choosing not to be vaccinated be respected. Some may argue because an illness is transmissible that individuals cannot respect the autonomy of others, however the CDC has now found that vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals are similarly contagious with the Delta variant. Therefore, an infected vaccinated person is just as likely to spread the illness as a non-vaccinated individual. Further, it is still unknown if asymptomatic carriers can spread the illness, and vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic (at least for a period of time after their full vaccination, after which they are more likely to have symptoms) and more likely to feel they are safe from contracting and spreading the illness, therefore taking more risks. As a result both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should be able to make autonomous decisions and respect the decisions of others.
Article 6 outlines that free consent must be given, coerced consent via threatening prejudicial actions or disadvantages is against the person’s human rights. “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be expressed and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”
Restricting access to society, public goods, freedom of movement, and all the other aspects of a vaccine passport are a disadvantage and are prejudicial, being used to coerce individuals into making a particular health decision. In particular, there is a prejudice towards individuals who have religious reasons for choosing not to have vaccines as there are no conscience or religious exemptions. There is further a prejudice towards individuals that have health conditions or disabilities that may lead them to choose not to have a vaccine.
Additionally, access to adequate information is not being provided. Many licensing boards of medical professionals, under pressure from government and lobby groups, are restricting the information that trained medical professionals can give to individuals about vaccines, including the provision of informed consent for an individual that a vaccine would potentially present more risks than benefits. Many medical professionals have expressed their concerns about the adverse reactions and events that they are seeing and have either been censored or disciplined as a result. Some have even lost their jobs. Many medical professionals are speaking out about how their ability to properly treat individuals is being hampered by these restrictions on giving relevant and adequate information to enable individuals to provide truly informed and free consent.
Lastly, this clearly outlines that not providing consent or choosing to withdraw consent should not result in disadvantage or prejudice. Being barred from accessing certain aspects of society, services, transportation, freedom of movement and assembly based on one’s consent or lack of consent is a disadvantage. This could negatively affect one’s physical and psychological well-being, one’s access to a livelihood, one’s freedom of conscience and religion, one’s freedom of mobility, freedom to privacy and many aspects of one's rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Article 9 addresses the violation of privacy that would result from a vaccine passport system, where personal health information is made public but that was never the reason for which this health information was collected. “The privacy of the persons concerned and the confidentiality of their personal information should be respected. To the greatest extent possible, such information should not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected or consented to, consistent with international law, in particular international human rights law.”
Not only do vaccine passports disclose personal health information for a purpose it was not collected for, but they would also actively encourage the discrimination against people based on this information.
Article 18 addresses how there should be opportunities for public debate, dialogue and seeking all relevant opinions. As mentioned above, doctors and nurses are being silenced by their licensing boards because of political pressure. Relevant opinions, including those of vaccine researchers who express concerns about potential adverse outcomes are being censored, and these individuals are being threatened for speaking up about information that is highly-relevant for the public to understand.
Article 20 addresses risk assessment and management, stating that appropriate assessment and adequate management of risk related to medicine, life sciences and associated technologies should be promoted. The current vaccines have not had adequate risk management as they are not scheduled to complete long-term safety trials until 2023. To fully approve a pharmaceutical product prior to finishing safety studies goes against this article’s call to manage the risk to individuals. While approved for emergency use, individuals should be made fully aware of the risks of not having long-term safety studies in order to give free and fully informed consent. Unfortunately, most marketing material promoting the vaccine and information available on government websites is not outlining these risks in a clear and obvious way for individuals to be truly informed.
Lastly it notes that any limited application of the Declaration should be done by law and that that law still needs to be consistent with international human rights law, even in the cases of public health. A law that is being used for the protection of public health should show evidence that the violation of human rights at the very least accomplishes public health. Mandatory COVID Vaccines and Vaccine Passports do not have adequate evidence to support that they provide such a significant benefit to public health to justify the removal or infringement on human rights.
This is evidenced by the nation of Israel. Israel was one of the first nations to implement a Vaccine Passport system and one of the first nations to rapidly immunize its population. Even with high levels of immunization, and the concurrent restrictions placed on movement and access to services by individuals that are not vaccinated, in August of 2021 Israel faced one of the highest rates of new cases at 650 new infections per day per million people, with 59% of the COVID hospitalizations being fully vaccinated. Israeli officials are warning that booster shots are not the answer. This is a clear case study that illustrated the limited public health benefits from vaccine passports. It also illustrates that a highly or fully vaccinated society will still experience infection levels, that mandatory vaccines will not eradicate the illness. These limited benefits in the face of such significant human rights infringements do not provide a strong case to limit the principles set out in the declaration.
I respectfully request that the Human Rights Commission file a human rights complaint against the government of British Columbia for violating the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, along with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, with its Vaccine Passport policy.
cc: John Horgan
cc: Adrian Dix
cc: Bonnie Henry
“A CDC Document gives new details on just how dangerous the delta variant really is.” By joe neel, Rob Stein, Jane Greenhalgh. July 29 2021.
Quote from article above. “vaccinated and unvaccinated people had nearly the same amount of virus recovered from test samples, indicating that vaccinated people are just as contagious as unvaccinated people when it comes to the delta variant.”
“A Grim Warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts but does not defeat Delta” by Meredith Wadman, August 16, 2021.
Quote from article above: “Israel has among the world’s highest levels of vaccination for COVID19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine. Yet the country is now logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. More than half are in fully vaccinated people”
“ “I watch [Israeli data] very, very closely because it is some of the absolutely best data coming out anywhere in the world,” says David O’Connor, a viral sequencing expert at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. “Israel is the model,” agrees Eric Topol, a physician-scientist at Scripps Research.”
“As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated.”
“Yet boosters are unlikely to tame a Delta surge on their own, says Dvir Aran, a biomedical data scientist at Technion. In Israel, the current surge is so steep that “even if you get two-thirds of those 60-plus [boosted], it’s just gonna give us another week, maybe 2 weeks until our hospitals are flooded.””
“Aran’s message for the United States and other wealthier nations considering boosters is stark: “Do not think that the boosters are the solution.”
“Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.” UNESCO.
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