Victoria Declaration

Signatures (3073)
  • I agree with all the declarations - freedom as our god given right.
  • United we will win!
  • It's time to hold the perpetrators accountable, tried and convicted for everything they've been doing to us within the past two years. This has nothing to do with our health and safety, this is about control and division, which governments and their influencers use fear tactics to get us to comply. It is time to take back our rights and freedoms as citizens of the world, stop complying with whatever garbage these government officials and health bureaucrats are spewing, and live in peace and sovereignty not only in the present, but for future generations as well.
  • Fear of risk is not enough to justify giving up our basic freedoms and human rights. It is not enough to control the behaviour of others. It is only enough to control YOUR OWN behaviour.
  • I realized today this really is a war and the enemies primary tools beyond the irrational fear is the egregious propaganda