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For anybody interested I found this interactive map of 5G networks available worldwide.

According to this there is already 5G on Hornby.

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This Saturday, The Freedom Chain

Update on the Freedom chain for 5 March...UPDATE VANCOUVER ISLAND - RE: NANAIMO: All our FREEDOM CHAIN warriors from our Northern and Northwestern communities will be heading to the Nanaimo area as our FREEDOM CHAIN starts at mile zero in Victoria and goes along the Island hwy #1 to Departure Bay Ferry terminal. We will be on the North bound side of the hwy so we don't have to cross to go down Stewart Ave In Nanaimo. Our muster stations are as follows. Cassidy airport, Cassidy Country Kitchen(old Cassidy Inn), School house rd, Duke point turn off (anywhere you can safely park) Moose Hall, Rona and Old Country grocer/Smitty's, Petroglyph Park, Anywhere on Haliburton(walk up to Island Hwy), Nanaimo Casino/ London Drugs, Bastion Street parkade, Maffeo Sutton Park, Anywhere off Stewart Ave and then Beefeaters parking lot. Our hopes are to muster at 9am,  fill in the spots wherever needed and then about 15-20 minutes of hand holding. For those going on the Campbell River Convoy down Island we will break off and head to the top of the hill past the Duke Point Ferry turn off to meet Convoy. We will be looking at downloading the zello app and will have one person at each Muster point with the app to communicate with the others to make filling in spots easy. Hope this helps! Anyone that wants to step up to be a leader for the muster points please let us know. Safety is of the utmost importance and we ask if you have small children they be in strollers. Also we will need some orange triangles road signs to warn ppl to slow down. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to reach out.

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So JT has succumbed to the pressure and revoked the emergencies act. As awesome as that is, we still have a long way to go. Under the cover of darkness, they passed bill C-10 which allows them to censor the media/internet. If we don't have this freedom, it will be very difficult to organize and fight for all our other freedoms.

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Great news!! The Medicago plant-based Covid vaccine has been approved by Health Canada.

It is a great option for those of us who are vaccine-hesitant....

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FYI This is getting started in Victoria. We can support if it comes up Island.

Dear island freedom community,
Please help me get the word out to the rest of the Island STAT:
There is a Convoy that has just arrived on island tonight Monday, February 21. They have been at the border at 176. Many of them have come from as far as Prince George.
They're probably just going to be here for a couple of days. They've come to the island to help us get activated to the next level, they have been camping sleeping in their cars, weeding out those who aren't as committed and have now created a team that are ready to work hard.
A mini-team of us here on island have created a plan to guide and support them, that at the moment only extends as far as tomorrow night.
Tomorrow's plan includes Convoy visit to the following locations: John Horgan's office on Jacklin Road at Noon, Chek News on King Rd. and arriving at the Legislative assembly building shortly after 1PM for a lengthy slow roll. In case you're not aware the MLA's are sitting tomorrow in session.
Call for SUPPORT: - join the convoy- spread the word
We just found out that they're coming, this afternoon. This plan is coming together 100% on the fly so we need help making sure these Prince Georgers know that we have got what it takes to work together. Did I say they've been sleeping in their cars at the border?
How can we best use their time here? Personally I think the big goal, the purpose, please to bring the island together in support of them. Show them some good hospitality, throw in some gas in ferry money, sit down and have a meal together, expand their Convoy size exponentially… And go to every important spot on the island while they're here.
Starting in Victoria tomorrow. Duncan and the name of the following day. If we can get them to stay this long let's go to Parksville, Courtney and Campbell River on Thursday.
This is an invitation to you.
Tomorrow morning we will meet at 10:45AM In the parking lot of the Walmart in Langford. We will discuss logistics and make sure that everyone knows the route for the day.
Text or phone Brian Edgar at 250-510-3795 or Maria Sanches at 250-650-5046or Adrienne Richards at 250-510-6596 For more information about how you can support this.
Brian and Maria will be in Langford in the morning to meet with the Convoy and Adrienne Will be working emails and phones to help get the word out to the island. Once we've done the logistics in the morning, Adriana will be preparing an email to send out. If you have a contact list that you can forward her email to, please contact her so she can send you the letter.
If you're joining us on the convoy we will be delivering handwritten notes and felt pen to John Horgan's office so please come supplied with felt pen, paper and some tape.
Thank you for reading this and getting fired up with us!

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They can't let the normies realize it's not a theory, it is a conspiracy!

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