Emergency Liberty Network Communications Canada

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THIS COULD BE OUR LAST CHANCE BEFORE A CIVIL WAR HAPPENS..  https://awakecanada.org/ppc-party-is-being-banned/


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After our trial period with ESChat our trial has run out and the service no longer active. 

We were able to see what the push-to-talk service can do for our group and how it may be usefull as an emergency communications option. We also know what we need to do to be eligible for the service (which is a service used by EMS and Police) and how we need to setup a "membership" to pay for the service.

I am going to leave this group open for the time being.in case we want to reinitialize the service or something similar to it. 

Our trial on this service has now expired. It seems to be working still but we are beyond the trial period. We don't have a method to charge for the service (about $7/mo) within the network so until we can work that out or get it into a membership package, this service might disappear.

Columbo...I am interested in joining, too.  Got chucked out of the group.

Why would my request to join the group be rejected? I just got the notice that it was rejected :(

this looks awesome! anyone know of a phone thats not "smart" developed yet?

Our group is connected through a technology that can be used daily to speak to others in the network with an easy "Push-to-Talk" application on a phone or computer as well as serve as an emergency service. The service provides the ability to contact a single person, a number of people or all the people within the network with a push of a button.

The service is called ESChat - a service provided by a US company and sold by TELUS. The service will work on all cellphones, on a PC and with all cellular providers. It is completely encrypted and will provide our users priority calling in the case of an emergency where phone and cellphone providers may "throttle" or limit calls.  The service also allows a user to pinpoint another user on a map (approximate) if the user has the option activated.

The service is in trial with librti until January 15th, 2021 and free for anyone in our network that would like to be part of the trial.

Activation is easy. Depending on how the trial goes and how we may offer it with a librti membership, the service will be reviewed before the end of the trial period.

Members may post messages, schedules (such as com checks), or any other notifications that might be of use to other members.

Emergency Liberty Network Communications Canada
Hi. This group had issues with the chat, which wasn't letting the page load, so I had to reset it unfortunately.
If there was something really important that got deleted let me know
Nothing lost Roman .. nothing gained. lol
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