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Question to beef farmers: Are you being pressured to vaccinate your cattle with a mRNA vax

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I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've been watch the coverage in all the Canadian cities, many people gathering all together no masks, cheering and laughing in large crowds, no distance between them! The amazing thing is nobody is sick or looks to be sick IS Omicron scared of the convoys as much as Trudeau is!! Just saying!

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🛑WOW N.B. ” INCLUDES ALLOWING #STORES TO #BAN THE #UNVAXXED🧐 #FROM #BUYING #FOOD!🍏🌽🌽🍗🥩 🤬Vaccine mandates were only supposed to be for #non #essential #services but that will soon be a thing of the past as #New #Brunswick is now introducing new rules that would allow grocery stores to have the option of checking #vaccine #passports and #barring anyone who is #unvaccinated!💉 These new Draconian measures will continue into spring of next year effecting thousands of people who are simply not willing to go along with this experimental global inoculation program. In this video #Dan #Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest vaccine #mandate #news which viewers of this channel should not be surprised by🤷‍♀️ while also explaining the importance of having a #self #sustainable #garden moving forward as a way to #protect #yourself and your #family from #tyrants who want you #jabbed at all costs. #pressfortruth #justsayno #FUCKWINTERACTIONPLAN  #UNVAXXEDLIVESMATTER #RealMenDontWhereMasks #RealMenDontObey

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Pay It Forword “ ATTENTION CANADIAN BUSINESS OWNERS.  READ THIS AND USE IT. GET THIS IN THE HANDS OF EVETY SINGLE BUSINESS OWNER MANAGER IN YOUR CITY CANADA ONTARIO . … AND TO THE UNIONS ALSO. SEND BY E-MAIL OR ANYWAY U CAN THINK OF. THE  MAP OF FREEDOM SUPPORTING BUSINESSNES so far. Here...>> take a look.  share far and wide imagine if everyone  sent it to 5 or 10 places   Paying It Forword  what  happens then?   we need way more in ONTARIO as you can see . ADD YOUR BUSINESS TO THE LIST THAT WONT ENFORCE THE VAX PASS.        Chris Sky  NO VAX PASS. Restaraunts listen up! video here Chris Sky is founder of the non-profit organization ‘Back to Work’ This video explains in detail what the effects of perpetually prolonging the lock-down measures in Canada will have on small business, that comprise 97% of the Canadian economy  Chris Sky  website here ...>     Chris likes to use the legal world lol :) there is common law as well the lawful world  check out Christopher James The world must go to for the truth and solution!  :) #Vax #pass #justsayno #NoMoreLockDowns #Masks
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SAVE CANADA STRONG AND FREE IS NOT OPTIONAL . and here are other links to help you . SHARE AND KEEP ALL ANTI VAX PASS GROUPS GROWING! . Ontario mask/vax free employment dont have the link but you can find it on Telegram. lawful
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LTA – TEMPLATE TO HELP OUR WORLD WAKE (word format) . Mandates are not laws . Notice: Trespass… Filed by an OPP Constable
Police Service Act Hearing… OPP Constable Charged with “Discreditable Conduct” see video here proud Ontario Provincial Police Officer Gabriel Proulx good man and NOW - Canada: Police officers, firefighters and paramedics have gathered at Queen's Park, Toronto for a silent protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. if they can stand up you can to your not alone #JUSTSAYNO is world wide !! INTERVIEWS CHRISTOPHER JAMES & GABRIEL PROULX injoy :) GodSpeed .

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Looks like Action4Canada has been removed !!

The Canadian Business & Farmers Alliance was formed to support and educate Canadian business owners and farmers across Canada. It is committed to providing educational articles to its members and advisors on issues affecting business owners and farmers, such as environmental & climate change, property rights, economy, employment, financial & banking and government and other regulations.

Canadian Business & Farm Alliance
#United #Non #Compliance #against #Vax #pass #justsayno ADD YOUR BUSINESS TO THE LIST THAT WONT ENFORCE THE VAX PASS
I am trying harder to support businesses that are not run by globalists. It's kinda hard though, especially when they are actively eradicating the middle class. 🤕
we have to die trying stay strong this is war and we are in this for the kids. nothing to louse fml 😢
Amen to that!
we have to die trying stay strong this is war and we are in this for the kids. nothing to louse fml 😢
Yes Dan but you don't end a statement like that with a sad emoji 🐱‍👤 the ninja cat is the closest that I can find to a warrior.
Interesting to work for a farmer this spring time and summer Time , need only to be accept to live in my VR on the land on your farm and i will work for you .
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