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Learn more about the true meaning of "Sustainable Development." The Cabal has been using "friendly-sounding" terminology to fool the masses into building their own prisons under the guise of "climate change" AKA "global warming" AKA "ice age is coming back" - "climate change" kind of covers it all...

Anyone looking to share some farmland on lake Kookanusa. Its 70 acres farmland.  please message if interested in making a trust with a handful of like minded families.

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Thanks to inept City councils over the last few decades, the City of Kelowna is peppered with butt-ugly structures built on private shoe-string budgets, in contrast to massive wastes of taxpayer money spent on extravagant and impractical buildings that the majority of locals avoid. Now's the time to step up and have your say as the city once again claims to want citizens' input. If you care about the North End Neighbourhood, you've got till Feb. 28th to add your 2 cents worth. And if you've done your homework to understand the true meaning of  "sustainable agenda" terminology, you'll be all the wiser towards whatever suggestions are being put forward:

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The deliberate destruction of small towns is designed to force-cram the population into densified cities for easier surveillance, manipulation and control:

We all need to learn and understand the evil behind all the "environmentally-friendly" terms city officials have been using over the last 20 years. You will be shocked to learn that it's all about destroying families and taking away our homes so we all end up with nothing; slaves at the mercy of a centralized system controlled by power-hungry tyrants:

What EMF & 5G does to living beings:

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OKANAGAN, BC: Lake Country to Peachland. Create a network of holistic health experts for people to connect with when their health fails. The LAST place people should be going to is the hospital. Educate people about the connection between health and nutrition. Warn them about convenience foods contaminated with pesticides and teach them about meat alternatives. Share intel about how the food supply chain is being blocked and how to grow their own foods. Promote non-discriminating food suppliers. Disconnect from Big Pharma dependency. Establish a liaison with Ezra Wellness Kelowna.


Sustainable Agenda/5G

Learn the truth behind the “Green City” concept in correlation with the false “climate change” narrative. Understand the real goal is the decimation of single-family, residential neighbourhoods. Get involved in local politics to shed a light on this U.N.-driven global project to take away property, privacy and independence from citizens. Work to abolish all 5G Technology. Help connect homeowners and tenants. Keep a watch out for affordable housing for Freedom Fighters searching for like-minded individuals during these tenuous times when so many have succumbed to propaganda that promotes discrimination against their fellow man.

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