CLEAR S/A: Lockdown Opposition Activities and Social Activities

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Announcing a new course for the Spring term!

Dr. Christina Parks of America's Front Line Doctors will be teaching a course on Exploring the Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Potential Recovery Protocols.

The course is offered in partnership with the Vaccine Injury Treatment Alliance (VITA).

Registration for Spring is open now!

Direct registration link:

Use referrer code: JUSTFACTS

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I've got about a hundred of these flyers available for distribution. Contact me if you want some to hand out. I'm in downtown Kelowna.

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OKANAGAN, BC: Lake Country to Peachland. Organize outings to various establishments for unmasked people. Create initiatives to hold businesses to account and stop discrimination in the Okanagan. Stand up against the illegal Vaxpass. Shop only at law-abiding establishments. Do not support businesses that discriminate. Organize mask-free shopping expeditions. Connecting businesses with customers and vice versa.


Social Activities

Organize social gatherings for people to enjoy as part of their new tribes for establishing new relationships, getting to know each other while enjoying fun activities whether skill-related or physical outdoor excursions. Provide occasions for people to simply enjoy companionship.

Lockdown Opposition Activities
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