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“An Unholy Invasion – Chatbots Are Colonizing Our Minds”

What ChatGPT Could Mean for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Bret Weinstein on ChatGPT A.I.

I remember reading that the spell check program Grammarly uses that AI program (or one very similar to it) for offering the suggested corrections for people’s writing. If that is the case, and it is a self improving program, imagine how much data, ideas and personality types the thing is gobbling up every second. I mean it would be multiple millions of people typing into that program at any given second globally, all feeding some GPT AI platform, making it faster, more adaptive and capable of emulating humans with greater precision.

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Please try this with any smartphone: Turn on Bluetooth will see a listing of known BT units in range with MAC addresses. You will also see a random list of unknown low level BlueTooth (BT) MAC addresses that make no sense, unless your unit filters out 'unknown addresses'. To turn it on you need to get into BT filters in 'Developer Options' for your phone.

Are you ready for this?? Vaccinated people are emitting random MAC addresses over a Bluetooth wireless network. I can stand adjacent to a ferry lineup and pick everyone who is jabbed using a BT scanner app with 'Show unknown' enabled.

There is a very detailed video on this done by Mik Anderson at Corona@Inspect. The original appears to be in Spanish, but 'The Expose' has an English translation done with a high end translator-hence the mechanical voice. 

This proves what we have suspected all along, and ties closely with the WEF, WHO, and the full cadre of criminals and traitors to humanity.

Humanity has been violated.

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Helloo, I dropped windows when they stopped supporting Windows XP and moved extensively to Linux, I now only run with the Raspberry Pi. 

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Firefox Now Sends Your Address Bar Keystrokes to Mozilla

If you think using Firefox is foolproof think again.

This article details a new "feature" in FireFox version 93 that sends your keystrokes to Mozilla, the good news is that you can turn it off. But just be aware software companies do this all the time, Windows OS is the poster boy for this sort of thing.

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You all should know by now to stop using Google.

Feds secretly order Google to track people who search for specific names, addresses and keywords 

The federal government has covertly issued warrants requiring Google to give up user information on people searching for specific terms and information, generating concerns among privacy advocates that users may inadvertently be caught up in criminal probes at a higher frequency than once believed. 

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Enabling COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Across the United States on Azure

I work on cloud technologies for a large company situated in Canada, that is all I'm going to say. While I believe that the cloud is an incredible resource, just realize that it can just be as easy to use this resource to the detriment of mankind.

This document is even more reason to ensure that your phone is shielded in a faraday cage, or using a custom ROM for your phone.

The article documents basically documents what we're allowed to see in their architecture from IaC to security via Front Door to data storage on Postgres and blob storage.

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Hi all. Domain registration help?

My wife is writing a book. As she's now firm on the name I'm looking at registering a domain name or two. ( her book does contain sensitive and controversial content which will like being under fire / censored).

And hints/ tips / what to look out for etc. Will be appreciated. 

Best secure private domain registration service? 

And then, any recommendations for secure website hosting ? 

Reasonable costs of course. 

Tips, tricks and suggestions for online security, privacy and resolving computer problems. 

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