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disagreeing on the action not the well meant intent, and want to offer another perspective.

Firstly, I will admit to being mostly ignorant on the subject but this approach feels like just another form is sensorship…IMHO, sensor ship is not the answer, more thorough teaching is the answer. Reevaluation of the meaning of the material and translation/interpretation (literal and figurative). We cannot treat everything as binary…again, totally ignorant on the teachings of Darwin but he was a scientist - perhaps we need to look at this as well meant science and offer modern day interpretations instead.

also worth noting that white people did not invent racism or slavery…the world still has active genocide and concentration camps in non-white countries.

People are not born racist. Children learn racism. Darwin No argues Darwin is not just the single most highly infectious agent for creating racist attitudes it serves as the justification for racist attitudes. It was the publication of Darwin's Origins and his later, Descent Of Man that gave white supremacist's the arguments they needed to promote their agenda. Slavery was based primarily on power disparities between nations until the advent of Darwin's thesis. After Darwin Democrats were able to posit arguments about the superiority of the white race and make slavery appear to be a burden imposed on whites. Whites were considered to be the civilizing force in the world with a duty to take their culture to the far corners of the earth, with the well known consequences. We cannot permit this argument to be taught in schools any longer, it is at best micro-aggression and at worst a systematic attack on the psychic well-being of our young. Join us in campaigning for the de-shelving of Darwin and its elimination from the curricular of our schools. 

De-Shelve Darwin
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