Economic Collapse & Cryptocurrencies

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Best guess one when the global financial collapse will be? We all know it's not and IF anymore it's a WHEN?
I'm no financial wizard, but like many here we have started to pull most of our savings into precious metals. No one knows if the impending collapse will be quick or drawn out. No one knows for sure what the future of currency will be. Some say it will be fiat crypto, some say precious metals based crypto, some speculate it will just shift to the China yuan... but that's not my question.
the questions is when the collapse will happen? I believe this is required to wake up the sleeping masses and plunge them into devastation and rebel to take down corporations and governments. I see this as a PRIMARY catalyst event to perhaps start the much needed changes in societies on Earth.
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The problem with Bitcoin is that it is finite and can be scooped up by the globalist.  Just like they can buy up small businesses and control them under a mega corporation.  I find the "G) June quite interesting as it is truly created by each person who becomes a certified member.   the blockchain system deposits 10 June everyday into their account which can be traded on various platform like AirbnJune, Gchange, etc.  It is big in France where it started.  It is developing in Canada. Check it out 


Hi Everyone
I am currently just getting into bitcoin .. Right now,  i am looking at LEDN for my account.

Would you guys recommend LEDN? 

Thanks, excited to learn more. 

I know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies.  There are so many varied stories you hear. I am hoping to get educated on the subject.

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Sometime you need to think ahead of the curve...

Tick Tock Tick Tock.... The ship is slowly sinking...

Your sovereignty begins with financial sovereignty, your freedom begins with financial freedom. You can be your own bank, if you choose to leave the matrix...

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Your sovereignty begins with financial sovereignty, your freedom begins with financial freedom. 

I offer personalized coaching in Vancouver and the whole of Canada via Zoom or similar medium.

You can be your own bank, if you choose to leave the matrix...
This group focuses on exploring the possibilities offered by Cryptocurrencies to gain financial independence. I am an independent entrepreneur based in Vancouver BC and I offer couching to help everyone started on their own journey with Cryptocurrencies, whether you are an individual or a business looking to include Cryptos to your balance sheet. Lets get together and learn about the way the new financial system is being setup, have a head start and get ahead of the curve.
All are welcome !

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