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Hello, I have had ZERO luck purchasing crypto through any exchange. They will never verify my account. So I am looking at other ways to get some crypto: mining, or getting paid crypto for my services.
Can anyone direct me to a beginner's source to figure out how to do this? 

Has anyone looked into the Lode project? I think it's a really great concept and have decided to invest in it a little. Any thoughts on it?


I had no idea there was a group on librti for crypto :).....I got into it just before the crash :) LOL.....so just waiting it out now......did not pull out but just waiting for it to bounce back which it will. The whales are having some fun with us but there will be new higher highs to come. 

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Hey Everything Crypto... HODLer and Trader here.  Don't let Elon get you down.  We probably needed a correction before price action could start trending up.  He may have done us a favour.


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Shout out to all my fellow HODLers.

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Want to learn more about crypto ?

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Want to start mining or just learn about what it is and how to do it ?

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