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I would like to make a few PSA announcement videos that we can post and share over our connections on the internet. Quick and easy ones. Here is an example of one. What do you think? The comments can be changed or altered for impact.

A group of about 10-15 people walking together without masks talking to the camera. Differnent people marked as a number... 

  1. You might be wondering why we don’t wear masks?
  2. We need oxygen to breath properly, not rebreathing our Carbon dioxide.
  3. We breathe so our immune system works properly and to stay healthy
  4. Masks are not even recommended by the CDC or WHO
  5. Wearing them becomes a danger to human health
  6. Government admits there is no scientific data to warrant masks, but they are going to do it anyway.
  7. Everyone…..Why?
  8. To control you. Do you actually think masks are going to go away? Think again.
  9. If you get a vaccine do you believe you won’t have to wear a mask? Think again.
  10. Why do you have to wear a mask for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate?
  11. Don’t forget the fear factor, and the shame factor, you can no longer show emotion, or smile or see peoples expressions. Its crazy thinking.
  12.  Worldwide each health area is being forced to lockdown. Business, churches, and people’s rights and freedoms are being challenged, and the mask leads the way.
  13. Masks mean controlling you into a communist mind think and now your friends and neighbors are your enemies and turning you in.
  14. Take off you mask and breathe. Shut off your television and seek the truth and walk into your store or church or business and be free. Be alive and fight this tyranny.
  15. If you don’t do this now, what do you think the alternative will be. Think about it.

Group all walk into stores and start shopping as people are happy and once again connecting and smiling.

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Looking for 4K and HiRes protest footage, including drone footage of protests for our documentaries. Please take a still and reply with contact information. Thanks Scott from BCPO

A short film by a friend: Help Stop Digital ID/ Medical Aparthied in Canada before it's out of control. Everyone please share, get this to MP's to run with, share with friends, lawyers, vaxx injured, etc

Hello, I am a Librti member. I composed and performed all the music (plus opening) for this Spell of the North production (see credits at end..

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Hello Gabbers, not sure if I am only one to learn of this, but apparently there is a hand signal used by people in trouble that is being circulated in order to prevent more abductions, this is a short video showcasing a recent event where it was used successfully. If you see someone using this signal please make an effort to help.

Not that they would care, but looks like a great way to overload on these wonderful additives, especially for those who have eating disorders.

I posted something similar the other day, I thought it would provide some important information for those who are working to free themselves from the grip of the satanist cabal, as it turned out the information or the web site was removed. This link is active and would have some benefit for said people. Enjoy. God Wins.

Looking ahead to Christmas, lets all learn this song and see if we can't them touring.

Calling all filmmaker enthusiasts. We are looking for writers, actors, to camera operators and editors. Lets make films, documentaries, audio dramas and expose's to keep our community informed. We have the equipment and the knowledge to teach and to produce quality projects. If you are interested, join our group and let's do it! No experience nessecary, but the interest and joy to learn. Please keep comments relevant to this groups focus, cheers.

Film and Audio/Visual Media Projects
Bruno R
like members of this group create it or?
Bruno R
just getting a conversation started
Bruno R
I would like to see movies about real history on the way things actually happened there are a lot of lies of history
It can be difficult to get "real" history, because the privilege of writing the history books always belongs to the victors. There may be books written about different viewpoints, but these would be just that. Books. They would not be considered part of the Official History or the history that is taught in both grade school and high school. At the college and university level, you can find fringe courses that dispute the official narrative, but still... They are not part of the recorded history.
Bruno R
yeah I understand, regardless inspiration for traditional life would be good
Jerriko Magpantay
The main problem is that finding fringe versions of what officials call the official history can easily be suppressed. You won't find much about atrocities committed by communist regimes, because it goes against the narrative of 'communism brings utopia'.
Bruno R
yeah its hard to find but the info is out there. Like I said regardless we need to inspire our side with content
Bruno R
sort of a lot of it is censored
The John Stone Club
Maybe we could start by creating a thread where we curate a few of our favourite films that we've already made, to showcase our styles, skills, etc.
Bruno R
I would have nothing to show lol I am just getting a conversation started I am not in the film industry
I think a good starter project would be to make a website or blog where anyone could add info to it, so it would be self propagating. Anyone with a business that is willing to stay open would be on it so others could support their businesses and patrons would not be permitted to wear masks. Maybe it would be called something like "Normal Businesses" or or something to that effect. It would become a global, centralized database of normal people running normal businesses. Yes they might get fined but so far not one fine has held up, unless people willfully pay the fines but ones that go to court get thrown out because they are baseless. These businesses would be supported by normal people living in a normal world. This would effect NWO businesses which people would stop frequenting. The same should be done for schools where all this bullshit is being forced on our children who are the future. New schools should be open that don't promote pedohilia and 1000s of genders or how "love is love at any age" or how "free speech is hate speech". we would write the curriculum. As more and more flock to this new school system, pedophilia loving schools would be forced to close or at least comply with what WE THE POEPLE want. The Global Directory could include a page for such schools. I think this would be a good place to start.
Jim W
A website that allowed users to find mask free businesses by type of business and location would be fantastic. However I think it would be counter productive to forbid masks to those who want to wear them out of fear and misinformation. This is anti freedom of choice. Live and let live. (or let die if that is what they want). exception- Masking should definitely be discouraged in schools and forbidden for teachers.
Jim, I hear yu but at this point, I think people need more shock value, otherwise their complacency will just flow over.
Diane Seamark
@masksfreeshops on instagram. over 6000 strong
Jim W
In BC the rule is masks are required in all indoor public spaces. The only business I have seen where this was optional was Simon's bike shop in library square.
Diane Seamark
as a business owner we respect people's right to not wear a mask in our shop.
Jim W
What is your business called, Diane?
Diane Seamark
@Diane Seamark Thats kewl! I did mma for years and I was one of Vladimir Vasiliev's first students when he defected from Russia during the fall of the Iron Curtain (Ironically, he and many other special forces ran from Russia to escape communism. Now we have our own communism here in Kanada :( When he came here, he could not speak English so his wife would translate for us. It would usually translate into "This is REALLY GONNA HURT" or... "I hope your not planning on having any more kids!" lol
hiring a p/t worship leader. 
Have to also lead on an instrument. 
Guitar or keys.
I would play and worship along on various electronic drums and percussion.

Vertical worship. 
No agenda. 
No ministry. 
No preaching.
Just praising and pursuing Jesus. 
Engaging God, not an audience

1 hour worship set. 
Every 2 weeks. 
$300/mo paid at end of each month by etransfer.

any day tues-fri, any time during that day - morning, afternoon, evening.
leader controls time and set list.  
Days and time, each time can vary at your convenience.

It would be multitracked and mixed down to 3D audio.
and recorded in multicam 4K 360 video for youtube 360 or direct download for offline viewing on mac or windows.
Oculus compatible.

300 would include travel expenses to cultus. 
But i’m mobile, so that is changeable, and if venue serves i can go there.

In house keyboard controller mpk49 and theoryboard with multiple vsts through mainstage like omnisphere, synthmaster, wavestate native, etc. if needed.
No guitar amp required.
Custom headphone mix.

At some point we would invite other singers and musicians to join us, if they share the same heart for vertical worship.

This would be an ongoing monthly gig.
2 hrs/mo for $300/mo.
Flexible time.
Pro production.

If you’re s covid fear freak, pls pass me by.
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