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The Outcome of James’ Arrival in Ottawa | James Topp

Warrant Officer James Topp, a 28-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who set out in February of this year to march from BC to Ottawa in protest of the mandates that are being imposed on many Canadians. James shares his view on the success of his long-anticipated meeting with MPs and what he hopes to achieve for all Canadians’ freedoms.

Free Canada Day Special of That Friday Show…Dictator Watch…Joe Johnson, formerly Canada’s biggest fan of the vaccines…Take the Shot…Trudeau Transit 5…Justin’s first report card…and a special tribute to Great Moments in Canadian History…and as always, Will’s unique take on the news.

Canada Day is Not Communist Day…Yet… | Brian PeckfordOn the eve of Canada Day, Brian and Will discuss the ongoing battles with censorship, discrimination and the breakdown of justice Canadians are facing. The fight is ours to lose if we let this continue…. 

“Medical” Board of Corporate Bias Targets Doctors Who Question Them | Dr. Peter McCullough Dr. Peter McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology.  He cares for patients with heart and kidney disease and has become an expert on treating COVID-19 illnesses. Dr. McCullough joins us to discuss recent developments in threatening his livelihood in the possible revocation of his hospital privileges as a result of his position during this PLAN-demic.

Free Litigation for Alberta Losses Due to Covid Mandates

With the recent victory in Alberta courts by lawyers Leighton Grey and Jeffrey Rath wherein Deena Hinshaw (Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer) took full responsibility for the illegal Covid mandates it is time to go on the offensive. If you are in Alberta and have lost money due to:

A failed business due to lockdowns

Substantial business losses due to lockdowns

A delayed education due to vaccine mandates

We are now able to offer free legal representation to sue the Alberta government for your losses. Will explains the details in this very short episode of Iron Will on Everything (only 4 minutes). For people outside Alberta, we are working to bring similar representation to your province and will announce if we are successful. 


In this episode of That Friday Show: Episode 4 of Trudeau Transit…Interview with Klaus Schwab…Newsbusters with Jenna Verity…In the Hood with Jody Ledgerwood…The Covid Zone…Inside Trudeau’s HeadAnd Will Does Standup! Member Exclusive content at:

Taking Back Your Right to Fly | Greg Hill – Free to Fly Greg Hill is a retired military veteran and until the mandates, he was once a commercial flight pilot but chose leave in order to co-found Free to Fly, an organization advocating for personal health freedoms for all aviation personnel in Canada. Greg returns today to offer some insight and an update on the progress made to-date on Canadians’ health freedoms as it relates to the aviation industry. Greg also discusses the recent letter sent to the Minister of Transportation regarding flight safety concerns over C-19 injections in pilots. 

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We are here to join together to, Not only fight for our freedom in real life but online also. As the founder of Freedom Fighters Revolution Act and Over Da Edge Broadcasting, We believe that freedom is above all and God is the Supremacy of Canada. Weather your a gamer hunter gun owner anything we believe its your right and freedom to own and posses guns and your right to have say what is injected in your body if you like what we stand for love video gaming and firearms also freedom and rights and common law not civil law this is the place for you.

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