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Cancel Culture and Doing the Right Thing - Andrew Wakefieldโ€™s side of the story: How

did medical community react to his studies on MMR and autism in 1995? What is his advice to doctors who are being attacked by the cancel culture today? Full video FREE:

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Help Stop Digital ID/ Medical Aparthied in Canada before it's out of control. Everyone please share, get this to MP's to run with, share with friends, lawyers, vaxx injured, etc

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I have been locked out of CRA, they revoked my ID and PW. They have also medically blacklisted me because I dared to speak my ย Truth to power. ย 

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Susan Standfield was live.
January 8, 2022
"BETRAYED" book to be released soon.

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Susan Standfield presents...a new lifestyle brand for citizens committed to human, animal and earth rights.

Health and Justice
Lilo Q Petersen
Hi I'm going to attempt a video conference call at 5pm MST today for FreeTheKids Canada if you are interested please check in the group upon joining. Thank you!
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