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We are looking for other property owners all across Canada to host Glorious and Free community meetings before the fall.  

If you own a large enough property and would like to host one of our community meetings 📧 contact

📆 Our current in-person Community Meetings

📌 Sat, July 23rd, 2022: Bowman, QC

📌 Sat, July 30th, 2022: Marmora, ON

📌 Sat, August 6th, 2022: Gracefield, QC

📍DATE TBA: Antigonish, NS

🍀 Sunday's Open Air Program

Lac Leamy, Ottawa-Gatineau, QC

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Hi everyone, sorry this group has been very inactive we are still growing as a group and hopefully sometime in the future we can start discussing areas and figure things out. 

This is our real future, the projects and goals we needed to be thinking and working on... Can somebody share if there is any similar village in Canada?

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Is this the future of humanity 😵

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In this crazy world I came across this video could this be true...

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I see there hasn't been much activity here lately. I spend most of my online time in our local private network on the sunshine coast of BC. Lately we've started an action group to find other members who want to share land/housing and there are some interesting listings in our area that would do nicely. So now it's all about timing as we get our place listed and sold, also any partners, and hope there's still something available that we want.

I also heard about something getting started in Beaverdell (BC interior) with a lot of land and room for many RV's or tiny homes, and that people are applying from all over the country - including drs, nurses, police. Very interesting, 2 of our local network are heading up there this weekend to check it out. 

How's everyone else's plans going?

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This group is for Canadians tired of their area and want to move to a more like minded area yes I know there are leftists everywhere but obviously there is a difference between California and Texas. We will discuss areas around the country and Pick locations that are suited for our side. The end goal is to begin creating self reliant freedom loving communities.

Liberty Real estate Group
garth kuntz
I am lower mainland B.C.
I am in Wpg Manitoba.
Northern Alberta
Lilo Q Petersen
St Albert, AB.
Norman Benjamin
I hope everybody is buying they're supplies . it will not be long and if you don't have the Vax you will not be allowed to go into any stores . Those that fail to plan , plan to fail. The woods are better then the Camps. at least in the woods you are free.
HMB Runner
You can always get a vaxxed acquaintance to shop for you - we have friends who are vaxxed and respect personal choice. Or get educated from 369 Media on how to overcome the illegal passport policies by educating the business owners on what their options actually are and how much they have to lose by implementing restrictions vs not complying.
HMB Runner
PS I'm on the Sunshine Coast of BC
Norman Benjamin
Victoria BC
Norman Benjamin
Ok I want to know !! What are you going wear to the camps??
Librti merch, lol
😮 lol
Upper Fraser Valley here :)
Vancouver Island - a little north of Norman
Hey just joined. Is this only for BC'ers? I'm in Ontario.
Dawn Orr
NO, it's for anyone
K Budlong
Hi Everyone. We are thinking of renting out the bedroom/bathroom in our walk-out basement. I'd like someone who has not taken the covid jab, as everyone in our home is still jabless and I still wonder about vaccine shedding of those spike proteins, although it's not polite to say such a thing to the general public (so I don't want to advertise it). Included is a 12x16 furnished bedroom, private bath, shared laundry, separate entrance, microwave and fridge, but no kitchen, in south Langley. Must be a student or someone who works full time because I'm antisocial (just being honest). If you know of anyone looking, please connect us. Thanks! We are on an acreage and would love to be off-grid, but haven't done it yet because of finances. We have a well and septic - all we need is a solar system. A fireplace or wood stove would be nice, too.
K Budlong
Or you can rent our entire 5-bed, 3.5 bath house, but then you will be tasked with the job of convincing my husband to move into my parents' house, just down the driveway. 🙄
D. Mann
Elizabeth Idessa
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