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North Okanagan Freedom Radio Project (StandUp Vernon/Vernon United)

Hello everyone!
We're excited to introduce a new project that StandUp Vernon and Vernon United will be collaborating together on! It is our very own North Okanagan Freedom Radio, which will be accessible through the internet, our cell phones and bluetooth. It will be a great alternative to the corporate radio stations that currently blast out 24-7 propaganda and social conditioning, through immoral songs, corrupt news and repetitive advertisements, spreading lies throughout the day to brainwash the public (i.e. that paediatric vaccines are safe and effective).
Technology has advanced so much that it is very simple and inexpensive to get our radio up and running quickly (i.e. within half an hour). The biggest aspect is to gather enough content from our local area to begin broadcasting. This project will have no problem involving lots of people. There are so many wonderful groups and projects happening already within our community for us to showcase on our new freedom radio! We will be able to broadcast such things as our own truth news, podcasts, a variety of music genres and youth programs.
As part of the project, we will need experts to tutor community members on how to make and record a radio production. Technical experts will need to help us decide how best to run the broadcasts; for instance, to decide whether to use a company that hosts and provides the radio broadcasting software, or for us to do our own hosting and buy our own software for broadcasting. We would also need to decide upon which companies we want to work with.
If you would like to become involved in this exciting, new project please reply to this email.
We've created a librti group for this project so that people can stay informed and updated. See the link below.
With reference to technical experts and before closing, we would like to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to "Dan our Video Man" for his passionate commitment toward video recording and editing our myriad of truth movement events, serving to broaden our exposure! Check out Dan's Bitchute channel, Big Tree View!

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Hello Freedom Fighters!
Over the last year and a half, we have built a network of around 1200 awake and like-minded people from the North Okanagan, and we estimate that there are another 10 000 yet to attract into our network.
A simple, basic plan to continue expanding our network to build the community that we desire, is to unite within an organizational structure which provides a place to communicate, share our resources, collaborate, stay informed and become more cohesive.
The Communication and Organizational Structure working group has decided that we want to use librti as our social networking platform. Unlike facebook, librti is uncensored, without any fact-checking, shadow-banning, tracking, spying or deleting accounts. Librti is founded and run by Canadian patriots who are on the frontlines battling with us. There is great Canadian content on librti, with educational memes, videos and articles to keep people informed of truths. Some amazing programs to follow on librti are Odessa Orlewicz, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Strong and Free Canada and Rebel News.
Presently, we have been building librti pages as a place to organize all of our community groups and projects, and have some pages already up and running. If you have a new group or project underway, let's team up! Join librti, create a page and we will promote your mission for you.
For this site to be successful, librti will need to be actively used on a regular basis. After signing up, and inviting and accepting friend requests on our group and project pages listed below, you will instantly be connected with around 60 activists from our fellow freedom fighting family (FFFF)! You will need to sign up to librti, free of charge, to access the pages.
StandUp Vernon
Standup Vernon Working Group: Communication and Organizational Structures
Standup Vernon Working Group: Community Economic and Financial Security
Standup Vernon Working Group: Waking up Our Community
Youth Digital ID Awareness Project
North Okanagan Shuswap Batman Extravaganza
If feasible, we are asking people to support librti financially so that they can enhance their platform and features. It is costly to run the basic platform at around $7000 per month (data costs). Bear in mind, Librti is not funded by multi-billionaires who want the worst for us.
(Let's consider, at the same time, to continue using the deep state's social platforms, to permeate their structures with real news and information).
As part of our plan of expansion, with growing numbers we can not only have an impact on building new systems but take over old, existing ones. We can vote in our own people for elected positions, such as school board trustees, city council members, etc. This strategy is working all across the United States and is the direction Action for Canada has deemed as one of the most important actions. All that is required is that we, the community, have a desire to work together to improve our lives as free citizens.
In terms of new systems, we have recently established an online platform to help bring our community together by shifting into the mindset of shopping local. It is our very own buy/sell/barter network! On the main page of the shopping site, we have posted a link on the sidebar to conveniently access the North Okanagan Groups and Projects which will be regularly updated. We have also placed a link on the sidebar to the Freedom Rising: Canadian Groups for quick access to the many wonderful groups organized across our country. Feel free to browse the sites and possibly glean ideas that we can implement into our local community.
Together, let's continue on our path of expansion and come together from a common place, using the Canadian, uncensored librti platform as outlined above, along with the newly-established North Okanagan Shop and Swap site. We can restructure our governing agencies. We hold the power through our intention and our power in numbers as a determined, unified group of activists. Our actions in the present will become our future!

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Stand up Vernon's Community Economic and Financial Security Working Group came up with the idea to start our own buy/sell and barter network. Check it out on the link below!  
Some reasons that we decided to build the website are to help secure a local, healthy food supply chain, create a way of keeping more money in our community, build upon a labour/commodity-backed currency system, and offset inflation. We are also suggesting our community move partially into gold and silver to protect the value of our assets, as well as several other reasons that we covered in a previous email.The buy/sell and barter network and gold/silver assets could be connected somehow (wink, wink).
The website is in its beginning phase and we are asking everyone to be patient and understanding as it develops over time as a valuable tool for our community. By utilizing it and providing feedback, the community can help in its evolution.
A huge shout out to Randy, our computer guru. Randy also was the one who delivered the Action For Canada's Notice of Liability, in person, to the School Board trustees. As well, he built a website for us local Freedom Fighters (link below)!

The Stand Up Vernon Working Group Waking Up Our Community decided it was a good idea to change the signage at the rallies. We made a call out for a place and for volunteers to put together the signs and 11 people answered the call. Thank you. The introduction of the new signs were a great hit. We love our Stand Up Vernon family!
We also made the call out a while back to help circulate older copies of the truth papers, and once again you answered! We estimate that so far our big-hearted and ingenious members came and got 1000 papers to distribute. We are always open to creative ways of getting the truth papers out to our community. Batman thanks you too for getting all those papers out there! Batman estimates that he's covered over 2000 homes, depositing truth bombs. Keep up the great work!
We want to thank everyone for donations at the rally last weekend. All the money we collected ($231) at our table was donated to the Pandemic papers. In case you still would like to make a donation: By mail to Common Ground, 3152 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2C3. Make cheques payable to Common Ground. You can also send an E-transfer to Common Ground via: To gift with your credit card call 604 569 9992. Thank you.

Hi Everyone,

The StandUp Vernon Community Economic and Financial Security working group is suggesting that the North Okanagan community put a portion of their assets into gold and silver. The Canadian government has proven that they are corrupt and cannot be trusted with protecting the value and security of our currency, by overprinting money to create massive inflation with excessive unrepayable debt, introducing socialist guaranteed income for all, stealing our money and transferring our wealth to large corporations. The ultimate goal of our Canadian Government is to gain absolute control of hard-working citizens, by freezing our bank accounts, punishing us for non-compliance, and implementing digital ID with social credit scores. Furthermore, what does the Great Reset mean, bankrupting our currencies to bring in a one-world digital currency?

Tanya Gaw, from Action4Canada, has recently produced an excellent video on the subject of gold and silver (link below).

A common recurring idea is that diversification is best, with such things as investment in property, gold and silver, crypto currency, in-home physical cash, food and preserves, and advance purchases (i.e. tires, oil). People are divesting from large financial institutions, which have hijacked the money creation mechanism, and are moving into smaller, local Credit Unions.

Ted Kuntz and Vaccine Choice Canada have done an good video on crypto currency (link below).

We are not giving financial advice. People must do their own research before making personal financial decisions. We are suggesting to diversify by getting into gold and silver, if you haven’t already. Lots of fellow truth activists have and are actively accruing gold and silver. Ask around to find out the best prices and where to shop. Two suppliers used by our members are listed below. Local coin dealers are usually more expensive but have products available.

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We are uniting and mobilizing all "Awake and Aware" people in the North Okanagan/Shuswap to create action and ensure that we can hold onto our rights and freedoms. We are not alone and we do have the power. As we grow, the bigger impact we can make. We need to save the world for today and for the future generations!

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