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Why not click on Librti Local; "Smithers", see it on the left, <-- join us there too. Please post your great links to that location so that anyone who follows our community and area news and information can see them.  Thanks, share widely, encourage your friends to join and become part of the Smithers and Area Community. 

Stay connected with and also.

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Covid as they claim, does not exist, has never been scientifically isolated and purified, Health Canada, CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, no one has records of it ever being proven to exist. Covid as they claim is a lie. It's either a bad chest flu with pneumonia like symptoms, or it's a bio-weapon. Take your pick. This means that all mandates and emergency injections are based on false premises. So put that in your constitutional pipe and smoke it! More at 

Verified evidence we demand is reviewed also that Covid Sars2 does not exist with over 209 FOI’s at

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Dr. Sarah Beaulieu is the Anthropological Archeologist behind the ground penetrating radar surveys that discovered the “mass graves” at the Kamloops Residential School. The narrative spun from this “finding” unleashed mass civil unrest and a brutal, sustained and international attack on Canada and its citizens. The problem is that Dr. Sarah Beaulieu has no detectable training in the use or interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar.     

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Five new Republics have arisen in Western Canada in the last five years! which one is your favorite?

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meeting Tonight @ 6:00 - same place 

also tomorrow morning 

at the goat statue 

see u there !

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Help Stop Digital ID/ Medical Aparthied in Canada before it's out of control. Everyone please share, get this to MP's to run with, share with friends, lawyers, vaxx injured, etc

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CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS discusses the coming digital control grid & more...

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 Let's take our Rally and Protest energy to the next level,  a higher level using the idea of connecting hearts.   To move people into the truth we need to educate - not- humiliate (love-not-anger)  This a good theme as a starting point. Please add your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Let's build a better way.   

I was thinking about all this energy we all put into protests and demonstrations, as keyboard warriors and how so many are still fast asleep. We are wasting so much energy “fighting against” and repelling rather than “fighting for” and attracting. I know you've heard it before but just give me a listen. WE stand for freedom and fight against tyranny when perhaps we better stand for freedom by fighting for Connected Hearts and building a new way.

"What if we joined all organic growers, regenerative farmers, natural health experts, MD's, naturopathic pharmacists, health and freedom focused fighters, freedom 4 business leaders and remade the world into this: 

"As you know we are in a global health CRlSlS... lets Stop the divide and concur now!!

It would begin with inclusion - Education not Humiliation... anyone who cares about their health will need to be free.   Freedom will follow Health.

Therefore we the people of Connected Hearts 4 Freedom have unilaterally and unanimously made the following decisions:

Connected Hearts 4 Freedom Coalition - Joining people from different parties, religions and interests to make a difference politically.

 Pick Educate not Humiliate locations and providing information, as smoking attacks the throat and lungs, increases the risk during a respiratory disease outbreak. Alcohol lowers our immune system and we can fight the effects with food and supplements - obesity means more ACE-2 receptors – more ACE-2 receptors means more susceptibility to Sars Covid 2, fight that sugar blast. Here's some information (a handout) about staying healthy.

 A Fast Food Flash ...  outlets such as, but not limited to McDonald's and 🍔🌭Burger King can be an Educate not Humiliate locations as they do not promote health or adequate nutrition. (Banners for a short time, mob with Connected Hearts 4 Freedom T’s n Hats .. love focus, website banner, etc)

Organic vegetables 🥦🥬and fruit promotion at Farmers Markets Booths that promote Connected Hearts 4 Freedom and , websites for health and freedom.(man a booth)

Supplements of Vitamin D, as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2 and D3, Quercetin, and Zinc will be offered and explained.  (Free Stuff... sponsored by product suppliers of supplements, organic food growers, health food stores as advertisers and information providers, hand out usb memory sticks/flash drive etc.)

Embrace and encourage laughter, joy and connecting with your loved ones as it will boost your immune system as well as deep breathing of clean, unfiltered outside air and going out into nature🌳🌿 daily. Connected Hearts 4 Freedom walks, runs, swims, skiing, Natural education plant walks etc. First Nations knowledge walks. (reconnect with nature)

Encourage  going to your local park and stand barefoot  🦶🏾 for 15 minutes a day. Connected Hearts 4 Tai Chi Freedom (or any exercise group for health-promotions involved for attendees, learn, educate, websites, giveaways, draws???)

 Connected Hearts 4 Freedom , TV news fasting and streaming services promoting horror, suffering and Dystopian scenarios refused, until global health is returned as mental positivity and focus boosts your immune system. Take your health into your own hands. Turn off your TV.

 Educate not Humiliate, Connected Hearts 4 Businesses that encouraged maximum sunlight 🌞 and exercise. (The Chinese social credit system in reverse, (without that nasty surveillance stuff) bonuses for freedom loving healthy people on a sliding scale, the more you build the world of freedom and health the more you benefit, random acts of kindness, making a difference in a new and novel way, starting a new loving way of doing things,) Rallies, flash buying mob a supported businesses. 

 Connected Hearts 4 Freedom Schools, Those home schools, private schools, individual educators that support freedom and health.  Get designations and access, Zack Bush , regenerative farming; Joseph Mercola ,  health: Joel Salatin ,sustainable agriculture, etc, links and promo’s.

 Ideas needed on how to address the following issues:

 The new Connect Hearts Force,(RCHP  Royal Connected Hearts Police)  strength in numbers  sent to support small businesses and those in need of assistance. Fighting injustice, rules that do not make sense.

How to manage Large chain stores and superstore corporations. Are they only for those things local Connect Heart Stores can’t supply in order to give small and 👪 family businesses a chance to survive these pressing times. (Local promotion of decentralized growing, products – find incentives through networking, CHC connected heart  crypto? coins.)

Energy, Trades and Tech… products and efficiency, Connect Heart Contractors.

We love you and together we will all be healthy." Let’s build a new world

 Add your thoughts… go to:      Group - "Connect Hearts 4 Freedom",  group page , Click on Discussions at the top and find two topics:   Uniting Strategies.... ideas for a better way to a wake the world. Let's build it .... a "Connected Hearts 4 Freedom Coalition".  let’s build it. Thanks for listening.

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The "Smithers Sovereignty" group is for people to lend support, chat and talk/connect with each other.

You can also click on Librti Local,  "Smithers" and join in sharing links, planning events and important freedom news.  

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