Standup Vernon Working Group: Communication and Organizational Structures

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Hello Freedom Fighters!
Over the last year and a half, we have built a network of around 1200 awake and like-minded people from the North Okanagan, and we estimate that there are another 10 000 yet to attract into our network.
A simple, basic plan to continue expanding our network to build the community that we desire, is to unite within an organizational structure which provides a place to communicate, share our resources, collaborate, stay informed and become more cohesive.
The Communication and Organizational Structure working group has decided that we want to use librti as our social networking platform. Unlike facebook, librti is uncensored, without any fact-checking, shadow-banning, tracking, spying or deleting accounts. Librti is founded and run by Canadian patriots who are on the frontlines battling with us. There is great Canadian content on librti, with educational memes, videos and articles to keep people informed of truths. Some amazing programs to follow on librti are Odessa Orlewicz, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Strong and Free Canada and Rebel News.
Presently, we have been building librti pages as a place to organize all of our community groups and projects, and have some pages already up and running. If you have a new group or project underway, let's team up! Join librti, create a page and we will promote your mission for you.
For this site to be successful, librti will need to be actively used on a regular basis. After signing up, and inviting and accepting friend requests on our group and project pages listed below, you will instantly be connected with around 60 activists from our fellow freedom fighting family (FFFF)! You will need to sign up to librti, free of charge, to access the pages.
StandUp Vernon
Standup Vernon Working Group: Communication and Organizational Structures
Standup Vernon Working Group: Community Economic and Financial Security
Standup Vernon Working Group: Waking up Our Community
Youth Digital ID Awareness Project
North Okanagan Shuswap Batman Extravaganza
If feasible, we are asking people to support librti financially so that they can enhance their platform and features. It is costly to run the basic platform at around $7000 per month (data costs). Bear in mind, Librti is not funded by multi-billionaires who want the worst for us.
(Let's consider, at the same time, to continue using the deep state's social platforms, to permeate their structures with real news and information).
As part of our plan of expansion, with growing numbers we can not only have an impact on building new systems but take over old, existing ones. We can vote in our own people for elected positions, such as school board trustees, city council members, etc. This strategy is working all across the United States and is the direction Action for Canada has deemed as one of the most important actions. All that is required is that we, the community, have a desire to work together to improve our lives as free citizens.
In terms of new systems, we have recently established an online platform to help bring our community together by shifting into the mindset of shopping local. It is our very own buy/sell/barter network! On the main page of the shopping site, we have posted a link on the sidebar to conveniently access the North Okanagan Groups and Projects which will be regularly updated. We have also placed a link on the sidebar to the Freedom Rising: Canadian Groups for quick access to the many wonderful groups organized across our country. Feel free to browse the sites and possibly glean ideas that we can implement into our local community.
Together, let's continue on our path of expansion and come together from a common place, using the Canadian, uncensored librti platform as outlined above, along with the newly-established North Okanagan Shop and Swap site. We can restructure our governing agencies. We hold the power through our intention and our power in numbers as a determined, unified group of activists. Our actions in the present will become our future!

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Thank you so much Jasmine for making this summary. We love you!!
Please forward this (feel free to add anything, I was tired and didn't take notes) on to the rest of the group: Tal, Brenda, Dan and Amber.
Check-in/IntroAll members (Darren, Tal, Brenda, Dan, Amber, Jasmine, Denise) introduced themselves and shared a brief professional/personal background.
Discussions surrounded- distinction/confusion between Standup Vernon & Vernon United- feeling scattered/overwhelmed with all the groups, meetings, initiatives on top of personal lives- issues occurring within meetings regarding communication, effectiveness and integrity (doing what was agreed upon in the meeting/consulting others before acting)- community is already 15 000 strong! how do we inspire them and attract more to join?- diversity: how can we be more inclusive of minorities (ethnic groups, indigenous nations, young people, differently-abled, LGBTQ)?
Key Points to take away- north okanagan shop and swap website is up and running: links to Librti pages should be there; Devo & Jas want to speak with Darren to share their ideas about growing this platform and utilizing it to its highest potential- Librti should have pages for all the subgroups, and its names/cover photos should be coherent - organization and structure does not necessarily mean centralization; though we should be cautious of this possibility- every organization is composed of 4 elements: structure, technology, people, and tasks; this can guide our subgroup's work
Next steps- having a facilitator to hold the space would help the process of the subgroup leaders meeting (the suggestion of Jasmine occupying this position was supported by other members, communication with leaders to be initiated)- next meeting Friday April 22nd (pls confirm if you can attend). details of place and time coming soon
on the docket for next meeting- mind map to lay out the current system and what we envision
- roles & norms to be determined together- plan to inspire the community!
here is a short survey to get the community's feedback about Stand Up Vernon & Vernon United
blessings for a peaceful, productive week!

If you joined the Communication and Organizational Structures working group on Librti you are just following the group. If you want to be informed on upcoming meetings and projects and become actively involved, you need to send an email to Stand Up Vernon ( and ask to be added to the email communication list for the Communication and Organizational Structures working group.

The global elite, with their ill-gotten trillions, have created massive, well-funded, organized social systems with the sole purpose of taking control over us.  

 In order to combat this, this working group is going to develop effective communication and organizational structures to allow for effective communication between groups, to distribute information and to expand (i.e. in-person meetings and social media platforms). 

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This working group is developing effective communication and organizational structures to connect and allow for effective communication between freedom groups in the North Okanagan.

If you joined and are following this page, welcome! If you want to be informed on upcoming meetings and projects and/or become actively involved, send an email to Stand Up Vernon ( and ask to be added to the email communication list for the Communication and Organizational Structures working group.

Standup Vernon Working Group: Communication and Organizational Structures
janine Clause
Please help the people a very vulnerable there is a population living on the streets they have nowhere to go and i mean bathrooms and sleeping it has come to my attention that they are not getting help if they do not take the vaccine. the bathroom issue needs to be addressed right away before there is an out break of deases I thought the comunity was looking into this, they need a place to set up tents like the army camp if they wont give the building to help they need to let them put tent in this area for there safty some people are violent and someone is giving them drugs this is a urgent issue ***********
janine Clause
I have reported this to the city of VERNON,, homeless issues to the city, sanitary in the park please help pray and tell others so we can fix this it getting cold out they need help
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