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The times we are living in are biblically prophetic called the days of Noah when the whole world will soon be filled with violence. Jesus is the only answer and his promise the rapture before the antichrist is revealed and the 7 yr tribulation hell begins. 

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NEXT CALL TO ACTION..! --> PLEASE EVERYONE THAT HAS A VOICE..: FOLLOW Laceymup TEMPLATE (below in comments) AND CALL # 1 800 465 6890 (be patient, you'll be on hold forever) --> CAST your VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE for ..!!       IT WORKS....!!!!  

I've made the same calls yesterday afternoon. They answered me after 52 minutes on hold. (Terrible music). It seems the Secretariat of the Governor General of Canada actually takes in the complaint and act upon as Laceymup mentions below. Her template below is fab..! - They asked me how I got that info. I answered through the internet, and then stated I wanted my declaration ON RECORD. I stated pretty much the same things Lacey mentions in her template. (A shout-out also to DANNY PALMER for having 50 friends make the same call yesterday...! Wow..)

Now please.. KEEP READING IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP with juridical/Law terminology - If not, just jump to the template below and SPRING INTO ACTION..!! God Bless, God Speed..!! (..Honestly.. Time is of the essence. next few days People can die in Canada..   )
PREFACING NOTE..: There & Then they took my VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE As-Is. - INSTEAD when I called the secretariat of the Lieutenant Governor General of Nova Scotia, # 1 902 424 7001, to cast NO CONFIDENCE for NS Premier Houston: - A) the Secretary seemed more personally involved, (almost offended in the voice) --- B) Told me we cannot express "No Confidence Vote" as we are Voters/ Constituents (not MLA or MPs) blah.. blah...blah.. - I promptly said "I know that. I'm using NO CONFIDENCE for the lack of better words, but I want to go ON RECORD stating I'm NOT JUST COMPLAINING, I state No Confidence and I want Premier Houston REMOVED from his function".. because of violating anything the Bill Of Rights grants to Canadian in regard to their Freedoms. ( You must know Houston last week invoked the EMERGENCY ACT to fine $10,000 to anyone "inciting", donating, fostering the ..!! preposterous..) I further asked about the meaning of "INCITING" and linguistically dismantled the deceptions hidden in that word etc.. etc..  - 

QUESTION, exclusively for JURISTs, LAWYERs, LAW MAKERS or anyone WHO KNOWS ONE in our network..: When we are challenged in using the phrase "Vote Of No Confidence" what is the BEST LEGAL TERM (if there is one) to state our Intention Of Removal of the Public Servant in object..?

You might be a CDN libertarian if you feel that Crony-Capitalism is the enemy. One of the central principles of Libertarians is a strong belief in a free market. Now you may think that Canada is a free market/Capitalist society; unfortunately, that is not true. What Canada and the US have is not Free-market Capitalism. It is Crony Capitalism, which is big business getting big and staying big because of huge donations to political parties. In turn, the businesses want to turn the heat up on regulations that big businesses can handle with relative ease but will force small business entrepreneurs to struggle to grow or close altogether because they cannot compete or comply. These include ineffective safety legislation, mandatory unionization, and mandatory licensing/certifications. Big business is also first in line for tailor-made government contracts that end up arbitrary, ensuring that small business isn't compliant to bid on. 

Small businesses are seen as the enemy of big business. Why? Because as of Dec 2017, businesses with less than 100 employees comprise 97.9% of all businesses in Canada and only 0.2% over 500 employees. Small Business Entrepreneurs are more effective at navigating changes in the market and reacting to serve customer needs better, which means that these businesses will grow naturally faster because they are serving people's wants and needs more effectively. 

If you think about recent lockdowns, who was open for business and who was closed. I'll give you a hint, large restaurant franchises kept open while "mom & pop" restaurants were forced to close, even if they could operate safely.

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Sharing easy bite-sized pieces of freedom that everyone can get behind. Libertarian & Austrian Economics views with a Canadain Perspective.

You Just Might Be A Canadian Libertarian
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