Librti April Update - Your User Experience Just Got Better!

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Two milestones just a month apart! On Mar. 7 we launched Librti Video, and today we are happy to announce the completion of a major update which took 4 months to develop. I can finally see my family again, and I hope my kids still recognise my face 😅 . The update includes new features, improved design, performance, user experience, and other fixes.

We thank all of you for your continued support, and in particular, our Donors, Premium and Visionary Members who made all of this possible ❤.

Homepage & Timeline

  • Whenever you open a timeline on the homepage (such as Personal/Public/Hot...), your subsequent homepage visits will load the same timeline for you by default.

  • When you post a new post, it will now correctly dynamically update the relevant timelines with your new post.

  • Improved the HOT timeline feed - you will now see a lot of activity there, and this is the best place to find HOT posts of different types, and discuss them with other Librti members.

  • Introduced the POPULAR timeline feed, which lets you sort the posts by likes or by views within different time-frames - today, this week, this month, this year.

  • Improved the posting block and timeline post design and functionality.

  • Infinite scroll - you can now scroll down the timeline feeds and load new posts without having to click READ MORE so often. 

  • Dramatically improved timeline post and timeline feed loading speeds and performance on mobile.

  • You can now mute people whose content you don’t want to see anymore by pressing the top right menu icon on their post.

  • You can now sort timeline comments by popularity or date and new comments are now at the top of the list, with older ones at the bottom by default.

  • Your timeline posts can now be posted to be visible for the general public or only for Librti members. If you select your timeline post to be visible for the general public, you can then share it outside of Librti. Your timeline post privacy selection will persist for future posts until you change it again.

  • Timeline posts will now have a maximum of 1 link preview box. You can add any amount of links in the post itself, though.

  • When you edit your timeline posts, you can now also edit and add attachments, rather than having to remove and recreate your post.

  • Long timeline posts will now have content hidden behind READ MORE, to help with scrolling past content that is of no interest to you.

  • The sidebar on the homepage is now sticky, providing you easier access to content of interest.


  • Visionary members can now create brand/business pages.

  • Premium and Visionary members now have their membership highlighted with red.

  • Premium and Visionary members can now record videos directly through the site, and post them within an article, or as a video post.

  • Any premium or visionary member can now share their videos publicly.

  • Group list now has descriptions of the groups, and you can sort them by best/alphabetical/new/popular. It is now easier to discover new groups to join.

  • You can now invite people to groups.

  • You can now assign different roles to group members, between Normal, Moderator, and Admin. 

  • Added a search bar to the header.

  • Improved notification design.

  • New members will now have less email notifications enabled by default, reducing the amount of less important emails.

  • Content such as discussions, articles, polls.. now have a better arrangement and display of the author, the views, and other

  • Discussions now let you post with attachments.

  • Your profiles can now be set between being visible for the general public or only for Librti members. Change this by pressing edit on your profile page.

  • Your profiles can now be set to not allow other members to post on your profile. Change this by pressing edit on your profile page.

  • Updated Librti Video page with infinite loading and faster speed.

  • NSFW Post blurring - When you share content that abides by our rules, but is questionable (i.e. content you wouldn’t want your kids to accidentally see while you’re scrolling the feed), you can now mark it as Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

  • You can now share articles, videos, timeline posts to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Telegram/Email or copy the link with a button click.

  • When you repost content, you will now reference the original comments and likes, rather than creating a duplicate of the content.

  • The location system is not using Google maps generated images anymore, but is now dynamic, so you can zoom in and move around all maps on the platform.

  • Other performance improvements (such as asynchronous blocks). We will gradually integrate all of that through the coming days and weeks, resulting in faster loading speed across the site.

  • 100+ Other small fixes.

Thank you to all of you who see the vision and possibility of what Librti can be to Canadians and the freedom movement. With your support, Librti and everything our community values will continue to grow. In order for Librti to develop the functionality required to facilitate future projects and initiatives,  we would appreciate any support you can afford to give, whether it be upgrading to a premium or visionary membership or making a monthly or one-time donation. Your contribution ensures that freedom-loving Canadians will have a safe and secure digital platform to connect, share, learn, collaborate, and take appropriate actions. 

In kindness and gratitude,Your friends @ Librti Social Network

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