Librti Freedom Convoy 2022 Video Archive

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Dear Librti family,

Canada is rising! There is a feeling of hope, love, and unity vibrating across the country and around the world! God bless our sisters and brothers who are trucking for freedom!

We have created a dedicated video page to help preserve this important time in history to ensure that Freedom Convoy 2022 videos will be preserved forever (and not censored).  Typically uploading videos is associated with Premium and Visionary paid plans, however, we are opening functionality at no cost to all Canadians, for a limited time, to help support Freedom Convoy 2022!

Librti Freedom Convoy 2022 Archive:

Please upload your videos and share this initiative with as many content creators and friends who are creating videos and posting on Big Tech social media platforms. Let them know they can create a free profile and upload them to as a backup, contributing to an archive for Canadians to visit and view history in the making.

With all of our love and gratitude,

Roman, Norbert, Dione, and Odessa

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