Librti May Update - Librti Video is now OPEN to all Premium Members, Increased Storage Limit, other Improvements, and What's Next?

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Hello Librti Family,

As a result of the infrastructure upgrade and your continued financial support, we are happy to announce that Librti Video is now open to all premium and visionary members! Whenever you upload your videos on Librti, they will be publicly displayed on the Librti Video page to everyone who selects to see "All Videos". If switched to "Featured Channel Videos", you will see only the videos from select Canadian movement leaders and influencers. You can now feature your videos on the public Librti video page, get exposure within the Canadian freedom movement, and not worry about censorship.

We have also increased maximum upload size and total storage limits for all members:

  • Free members
    Storage 256 MB 512 MB
  • Premium members
    Storage 4 GB  8 GB
    Max Upload Size 512 MB 1 GB
  • Visionary members
    Storage 8 GB 16 GB
    Max Upload Size 1 GB 2 GB

During this month, we have fixed a few bugs and introduced a few improvements:

  • Renamed the PUBLIC timeline feed to NEW. The NEW timeline feed features public posts in a chronological order. 
  • Sub-comments (comments to comments) are now always in a chronological order - old to new, to make it simple to follow conversations.
  • Librti members can now delete accounts without having to open support tickets - click "more" in the settings page.
  • You can now add descriptions and photos to polls.
  • Sorting videos on mobile has been fixed.
  • Followers and Following links have been fixed for both regular profiles and brands.
  • You won't be able to accidentally double-like posts anymore.
  • Your existing subscriptions next payment dates have been fixed (they were set to 1970 prior to the fix).
  • Several other fixes and improvements.

Whats next in the next 2 months? In no particular order:

  • A mobile app
  • Public homepage / landing page refresh
  • Crypto payments & Donations page
  • $5/mo Supporter plan
  • Marketplace
  • Improved communities
  • Blocking function that will let you hide content from people you block

We are 100% funded by you, and we'd love to keep it that way, so please consider financially supporting the Librti community, the Librti Show, and the platform. We need your support! This is extremely vital for keeping the proverbial doors open and lights on, here at and for us to be able to continue dedicating ourselves to improving the platform, creating, and featuring solutions for all of us.

You can send a donation through Donorbox, e-transfer to, buy clothes from Librti Shop, or subscribe to a Premium or Visionary account.
Alternatively, you can send cheques, cash, or silver by mail to Librti Alliance Inc., 1100 - 1631 Dickson Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y0B5.

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