Librti Update - Improved User Experience and Upcoming Features

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Hello Librti Family!

Our community is growing coast to coast at a rapid pace, uniting the good people of this country that value the free flow of information, critical thinking, and individual liberty. Everyday, our team, (well actually you all know it’s Roman staying up through the night), is focused on improving your user experience. Please take a moment to show Roman some love and appreciation!

Librti is undergoing many improvements in design and stability, and we’re inching closer to the release of several new features such as the Business Directory and Marketplace. Some of you were asking about the status of one of our other projects - the Librti live streaming solution, and it is approximately $10,000 in development costs away from release.

In addition to all these improvements, we have been listening to your feedback. As an example, in some circumstances, you were not able to delete your own comments, so we made some improvements. From now on you will always be in 100% control of your content, and will be able to delete what you post. 

As this platform is 100 percent member supported, every contribution directly funds the creation of an alternative economy and the development of tools that will help us live in the coming years. Librti wouldn’t exist without all of you, so a heartfelt thank you for joining and for your support! When you share Librti out, when you upgrade to Premium or Visionary membership, when you Donate - all this ensures that we will continue to have a safe and secure home, here at Librti. If you haven’t done so yet - please consider supporting us financially. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the improvements that we rolled out over the last weeks:

  • Main Librti Landing Page overhaul ( page when you’re not logged in).
  • Navigation - Updated design and included soon-to-be-released projects.
  • Librti Video - HD video (720p) is now available.
  • Librti Video - Video and video thumbnail proportions and sizing has been corrected.
  • Librti Video - Featured videos listings across the site now include videos from all Librti members.
  • Librti Video - Design improvements (more to come).
  • Timeline - Fixed the "NEW CONTENT" button that appears on the timeline to correctly load new posts and scroll down to them.
  • Timeline - When uploading multiple pictures to a post, they will now correctly transform into a carousel.
  • Timeline - Links with brackets and hash-symbols are now supported.
  • Comments - You can now delete your comments in any circumstance, such as when other people replied to your comments.
  • Comments - Group/Event/Community admins and moderators can now moderate comments within their respective group/event/community.
  • Roles - Newly created groups should now correctly set the owner as the administrator.
  • Video recordings - You can now switch between different camera's on your device while recording a video through Librti.
  • Many more design and functional improvements.

We would like to sign off by saying - we absolutely love and adore the Librti community! We are a small team, and we have to deal with reports and complaints very rarely. Thank you for observing our Terms of Service and keeping this platform and community dignified. It is truly our honour to serve you, this community, and the organizations and leaders we work with across the country. 

Best wishes from our families to yours.

Everyone @ the Librti Team

Psst. Glad you’re here!
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