Merry Christmas! Our Christmas Wish Came True - Librti Mobile App Made Possible by an Anonymous Donor!

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Hello Librti family, 

Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love! Whether you’re celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, or the winter holidays, we hope that on this happy day you are surrounded by your family and friends.

Today is a special day and marks a milestone for Librti! We are extremely happy to announce that the Librti Mobile App is now available! After multiple applications and rejections, we woke up this morning to discover an approval notification from both the Google and Apple stores. What a wonderful Christmas present!

The Librti Mobile App was made possible thanks to a donation by a Librti member that wishes to remain anonymous. You know who you are, and we are so grateful to you!

Get ready! On the heels of our 1 Year Anniversary, Jan 1, 2022, look forward to a few key projects we are working hard to complete. Key projects that are nearing completion and are slated to launch in early 2022 include: 

  • The Game Changer! - Librti Live Stream will be the first, that we know of, in Canada. Why is this imperative? How many of your favorite new media and content creators are suspended or permanently offline for saying the wrong thing? Librti Live Stream is the answer and will change the independent reporting landscape!
  • Librti Marketplace - Launch your very own virtual business! Buy, sell, barter with other Librti members, and support an alternative economy.
  • Librti Business Directory - Do you want to support like-minded businesses that don’t discriminate? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect solution for Canada. 
  • Librti Maps - Not Goooooglllleeeee! Even better! Your window to the new world.
  • Much more to come in 2022 and beyond!

All of these projects and more are made possible by you - Librti is 100% member supported. When you upgrade to a paid plan or decide to make a donation, your financial contribution is an investment you can be proud of because you are supporting projects that support Canadians just like you. With your financial support we will be able to bring all of these to you sooner. Together we are stronger!

This is a beta release of the Librti Mobile App, so expect some minor bugs, and some missing functionality that you currently enjoy on the website version of Librti. However, in the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing updates to improve your user experience.

Sending you all strength and peace in 2022. May the coming year be fruitful for us all.


Roman, Norbert, Dione, and Odessa
Librti Team

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