Slowdowns are GONE! Infrastructure Upgrade - Phase 1 is Complete, More to Come!

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Dear Librti family, 

You may have experienced frustrating slowdowns and the website being unresponsive during the evenings this last month. To address this, we have been hard at work setting up the new infrastructure the last few weeks, and now, we're happy to announce that we have eliminated most peak-time slowdowns and drastically improved the platform's performance. You may have noticed that over the past 24 hours the platform feels more solid, and there are practically no lags anymore. Pages load quick, videos load fast - performance has dramatically improved. 

Given the political environment we're in, when great people and organizations are being censored and de-platformed left and right, we are dedicated to building a censorship-free social platform for all freedom-loving Canadians. We aspire to be a safe, secure, and lag-free home for the entire Canadian freedom movement, and part of that is hosting the video content of the amazing leaders and organizations that we're connecting with every week.

We jumped into this head first, building the airplane around us before we hit the ground, and we learned of our limitations fairly soon. Hosting a social platform and serving large amounts of video content proved to be extremely challenging. Especially when we’re keeping the servers secure off-shore, away from Canada and the USA. But when we come together, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish. 

On behalf of the Librti Team I'd like to thank all of you for your financial support and for helping us build this platform for all of us - we have invested everything we received back into Librti. We are growing fast, and we need to be prepared to welcome hundreds of thousands of new members, as news of Librti is spreading fast, and the platform is becoming more important than ever before.

To achieve this, we have had to invest a lot of time and resources into this upgrade. The monthly costs have quadrupled. We started with just one dedicated server in a bunker in Switzerland. Now we are replacing that server with a much better one in a bunker in Norway, forming a network with 2 more servers in that same bunker to handle some services (such as video calling and encoding), and offloading the rest to 2 other independent storage locations. This will allow us to have much faster connection speeds and capabilities. We are also starting to use a CDN to better distribute our video content around the world, and to keep some of the load off of our network of servers.

This full upgrade will be rolled out in several more phases over the coming weeks, so the performance should keep improving. As part of this upgrade, we're also improving the security of our servers and adding the ability to handle DDOS attacks. All of this is now scalable and should cover us for the coming years.

Two exciting announcements directly related to this upgrade -

1) We are opening up Librti Video to all our premium and visionary members in the coming week, think of it like YouTube/Bitchute for the Canadian freedom movement.

2) We are soon raising the storage limits (how many photos/videos you can upload) for all accounts, including free ones.

We are EXTREMELY thankful to all of you that are donating and/or have a paid membership. We are not your traditional social platform that sells your data, and bombards you with unhealthy product ads and vaccine propaganda. With your support, Librti will now be prepared for the future.

In order to keep Librti online and growing even faster, we would love to see more of our members help us with the rising costs and support Librti financially - here are a few ways how you can support Librti, if you haven’t so already: 

In kindness and gratitude,

Roman and your friends @ Librti Social Network

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