Urgent Call to Action, Censorship is Accelerating

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Hello Librti Family, 

Sadly, we learned that YouTube demonetized Rebel News ($400,000 in annual revenue, gone) and on Mar. 9 both HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Québec were abruptly shut down just two weeks after BuzzFeed, an American firm located in New York City, acquired them. Censorship is ramping up at a very quick and alarming pace here in Canada.

All freedom loving Canadians need to be on a platform that cannot be censored or shut down. That is why we built Librti! What happens when Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube fully embrace Cancel Culture? How will we find each other? Across the border, Parler was shut down and is still limited. Gab is already being dropped by financial institutions, Visa and Mastercard, making it near impossible to stay in business. Each of us are on different platforms for various reasons and it is likely that very soon, the people that you want to follow and connect with will no longer be accessible on some of those platforms.

What can we do as Canadians? We need to make sure all our friends have a safe harbour to weather this storm. Librti was created by the people for the people, and so the growth of this community is the responsibility of every single one of us. Please invite just one friend or family member to join Librti.

One by one, we will grow into the only safe place left in Canada where freedom is essential.

In kindness and gratitude,Your team at Librti.

UPDATEEMAIL | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM | TWITTER - Easy cut and paste for your friends and family

We received a few requests for a template to make it very easy for you to share Librti.Feel free to use this template and modify it to your liking.

Hi [Name of your friend],  

I’m on a new Canadian social site, because I see censorship ramping up at a very quick and alarming pace here in Canada. All it takes is a quick search to see how bad it’s getting. I feel that on other social platforms I can’t discuss and share important information,  or connect with people like you and me anymore.

Take a look at Librti.com! It’s a great site, I’m meeting wonderful people, I can talk freely and I’m getting some great information. It’s easy to sign up - www.librti.com - I will see you there!

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