Your Librti Experience Improvements, the New Supporter Plan, and Librti Shop Holiday Discount

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Dear Librti Family, 

Further to our update about improvements we made in August, we are happy to share additional steps we have taken to improve your user experience and to position Librti for future growth. 

Librti is about to become so much more - in addition to the changes listed below, we’ve been hard at work getting multiple projects closer to the finish line, such as the infrastructure update, the business directory, the mobile app, the job board, Librti local groups, Librti maps, Librti livestream, and more. We are going to be releasing all these in no particular order over the coming weeks and months, so be on the lookout for more exciting news!

On another note - as we are a small team with limited funding, we have been experiencing challenges: costs associated with running Librti in the current state amount to approximately $6,500 a month. And even though we’ve had some members send through generous donations to help keep Librti online (THANK YOU!), we’re still not able to consistently cover all the expenses.

To put things into perspective - if just a tenth of our members were supporting us with only $5 a month, we’d be able to easily cover the expenses and bring all the improvements to you much faster. As such, we have released the new $5/mo 'Supporter' plan. For a price of a cup of coffee you can do your part to help Librti connect, inform, and empower freedom minded people and organizations. 

Please consider upgrading your account to the Supporter, Premium or Visionary plan, or by making a one time or recurring donation. Your support ensures that Librti remains private, independent, and hosted offshore. As you know, you are not the product on Librti - we don’t sell your data and we have zero connection to big tech. All of this comes at a significant cost, and is unsustainable without your support.

Here is a list of some of the improvements we have made:

  • More options to support Librti - the new affordable Supporter Plan is now available and costs just a cup of coffee a month!
  • Increased maximum upload size for Premium (1 GB > 2 GB) and Visionary members  (2 GB > 4 GB)!
  • Reworked the Upgrade page, and included a comparison chart for all the plans.
  • Improved Event Page (visual and functional refresh).
  • Improved Account Menu (visual and functional refresh).
  • Infrastructure update underway - We’re setting up an extra dedicated storage server, and that will improve overall performance, video uploading speed, and should eliminate glitches with video playback. Should be completed within the next 2 weeks.
  • Internal testing of the much-anticipated Business Directory. Launching in December.
  • Updates that make Librti more intuitive:
    • Communities are being repurposed to Local Groups. Librti members will be able to create and manage these similar to regular Groups. 
    • Articles are being reworked to better suit business profiles.
    • Improved Librti Video design.
    • Numerous small changes and visual improvements throughout the platform.

Thank you again for supporting Librti and for being part of this much needed community.

As a small gesture of our thanks, for the holiday season (until Dec. 31) Librti members can enjoy a 10% Holiday Discount at The Librti Shop - please use the following coupon: HOLIDAY10% (PS, we have new toques!)

Roman, Norbert, Dione, and Odessa
Librti Team

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