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Librti is a social networking platform that was launched in 2021 as an alternative to big tech mainstream social media platforms and is 100% member funded.

Librti is private, independent, and has zero connection to big tech. Affordable paid plans and donations allow Librti to maintain and develop the platform and protect your user data and privacy.

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Thank you for your financial support and paid membership plan. Your choice to financially support Librti safeguards our collective ability to speak freely and build relationships and community that matters.

Using free big tech social media platforms comes at a cost. Your privacy and your data are being sold without your knowledge for various purposes. At Librti, your privacy is safeguarded. Librti is private, independent, and has zero connection to big tech. Librti is designed to offer users a more private and secure online experience, with features that prioritize user privacy and data protection. One of the key features of Librti Social is our focus on user privacy. Librti Social does not use tracking cookies, does not share or sell user data to third parties, and does not display ads based on user data.

Librti is not just a product or website, Librti is a community who cares about a better future for us and our children (and our fur babies & farm animals).

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