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For the past 18 months governments in Canada have made decisions for managing COVID without consulting Canadians. Many of these decisions didn’t follow Canada’s pandemic plan, hurt Canadians more than helped them, were unlawful, heavy handed, illogical, and suppressed our rights and freedoms (guaranteed under the Canadian Bill of Rights and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (like freedom of religion, speech, assembly and association, expression of thought, mobility, to earn a living, etc.).

Thankfully, there’s still hope—Canadians have the right to ask that a referendum question be added to the 2021 national election ballot, so they can tell the government what they want.


The timeline’s tight, but not impossible.

We have until Monday, August 30, to get 3 emails and 3 postcards, with THIS targeted referendum question, into the hands of the Governor General, provincial Lieutenant Governors and our local MP (or electoral candidates): "Should Canada immediately withdraw all current and proposed emergency measures, including mandatory vaccination passports and lockdowns?"

IF you agree & want to help, please let me know & I'll share my groups instructions & templates.  


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