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Hello I’m in bc done with the burbs city looking for a tribe hill to farm be natural free and self sufficient as possible wife family friends job habits hobbies all mostly sacrificed I can’t be surrounded by sheeple suffocating themselves and order followers i live in the truth and don’t really understand why 95% of people in Surrey are willing to do anything to keep shit job or no Rock the boat I’m have vast  knowledge of HiS-story and lies deception don’t care about $ happy and able to live lean or get fat been learning and stacking up supplies to give lend trade just wanna stay human not live a lie and stand up and call out evil. Won’t fight for or die for no $ or rich prick I’m a hard worker and open book. Empathy and truth always growing I have been experimenting with growing everything from seed in a town home I had a decent middle class childhood done enough drugs and booze gambling fighting knuckle head stuff but I always felt no piont or direction traitor please others wife job regular ratt try race but empty I like gardening farming animals and nature quite video games try not to support pedos in Hollywood or listen to music that is good but is created with a sinister purpose the destruction of Christian values that made Canada a home I was proud of texting this I can do without know my enemy and there tactics I love debating learning through video hands on and will die happy in truth before submit to these transhumance elite technocrats or there “royal blood lines” I walk with god Yahweh Jesus and don’t focus on differences class race white Jew don’t care animals and children have the sense to know a currupt person or spirit all I wanna do is help share pass on some of the things I deem worthy inheritance. Our history and rightshave been altered and rewritten as the cabal masons Illuminati name it all these fraternity gangs government basically I say if in a secret club I think they only serve to kiss ass make $ power fame whatever all evil at the top. I only admire there knowledge steal and hoard truth and wisdom an leave poor lone wolf that wanna not be evil im a sinner but I don’t understand why 8 million children go missing every year andyou want to stand on a fucking sticker and lose 20% of oxygen to brain give 5 outa 7 days work commute sleep then dink watch millionaires pass a ball or puck then if I’m good sheeple retire at an old age to nothing left social security empty that’s why the cull of elderly and separated isolated old people easy to kill for a extra $ from our healthcare system. I’m fucking angry I’m a living protest no social media or face book my signs I only wear t-shirts that mean something. I call out evil and there a lot this is a rant I need half acre minimum cabin dog I hear cal to be a steward of land protect defend good kids old fight these pricks estrogen and these soy boys feminine agenda worked to well as not many morality line in the sand I want to build create nutrients life human plant animal . I am in digital world but I see only a head down no eye contact online avatar world that is fake as shit and to easily corrupted and transhumance is separated from god iron & clay man machine. God has destroyed Babylon sodem & gamorum Noah and flood was again man reaches piont where smart we challenge god think we are mock him blasfem unholy unnatural creation of perverse beats where on the path well I don’tdo social media as this is a long life story lol I am funny I am serious and know ii fired up I need home give a chance 1/2 I won’t give inheritance or fight die for my  Blood family cause they are the uniformed ignorant problem and sometimes think depopulation u-genicks cull of the sheeple maybe good because too many non thinking easy tricked idiots are worse than the evil sorus Rothschild Rockefeller these parisites  could get away with any of this shit if the people would think I’m a secretary well ok but hitlers secretary guilty or I’m a pilot i know it’s a flat earth but I lie to everyone cause I’ll get fired and 75 years of piosion in air. I work for the city putting fluoride i n the ducking water all easy write wrong sell out have comfort while kick the down the road and leave only two more weeks 2 ducking years and still wave sign in streets pitch fork torches but get the root bankers I know good people of all races and positions but I generally see lawyers politicians and royals and predators of usery fiat $ bankers my treasurer in heaven but no garentee I aloudbin but at least I try this rant is only a piece of me more but I’m texting cal cliff 7783024442 if you got land I can protect with space for cabin I getting 150k and knowledge bases truths and supplies connections god bless and congratulations on ready to the end if no ever gave a shit. Well I’m making one cheers  I enable do my part it a living cl Not that bad I study learn

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