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Hi everyone!

We are officially entering our second month of broadcasting with the North

Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio. We are super excited about the progress

of the radio and for the community stepping forward to help with its

evolution. We have lots of people providing great content.

A big shout out to Penny, Tal, Jacquelyn and Haley for the amazing interviews! Thank

you to William and Tal for the use of their studios, for William's

expertise and Tal's willingness to learn! We are looking for more

regular content producers and musicians, or any other show ideas.The

link to access our Freedom Radio is posted below.

We have a technique you can use if you'd like to skip through shows you've already heard.

Hit the play arrow, turn down the volume and let it cycle through (i.e.7hours). It will capture all the content , so then you can go back later to scroll through to shows you want to hear. This is the best we can do

for now. We have plans for future improvements


Below is the current looping order of programs, which will change regularly as new content is added.

Wayne and Marlin Christian hour.mp3

William Brookfield - Singer Songwriter.mp3

Rock ID.mp3

Lucas Show 2.mp3

Tal and Darren 3rd show.mp3

Rock ID.mp3

Tal And William interview.mp3

Radio 3 Focus is Food.mp3

What's Goin On final - Hi Guitar.mp3

Alan Brough with JCN.mp3Rock ID.mp3

M Willis Ted Kuntz.mp3

Brad Weston Interview.mp3

Rock ID.mp3Beatrice Interview.mp3

 Wayne and Marlin 2nd .mp3

Teach Only Love.mp3

Rock ID.mp3Jeff Gaudry Interview 2.mp3

Druthers Obsurd .mp3

Rock ID.mp3

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