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hi new to group and in nsurrey bc looking for a tribe my wife friends and family not into truth trhiving an build surving or attacking the roots am full on knowlege on eneny im offer all in got suppleis no kids but am cant stand to see these satanic schools fun science real life skills home school a building planting respectring life noi smiles jokes buying uhaul and go where im cheap and wanna work not for fiat cuurecy micro greens easy heathy and if done pefetly $100k i bedroom growin indoors evevthing boughgt new tools seed bank bc where is even i human that whats to build suppy fight anything but compli no test ever hate looking at anyone suffuctging themselves preaching teaching but waste of time rullin out marcg 1 been ready trained leande aquired splelling bad hatew typeing need trees and animals plants and human engagement i have severed wife job hobbies all disrtactractions to act seriuous too much knowlege and need lil ones to imparrt pass on and think long term kids are suffering and dont even know a smile friend air my done fore hill to die got $ but dont give a shit bout that self suciecty key ive butched everything but horse fuck teck ineed break probaly foreve not being a selfish head bin sand party til feedom country deswtroyed have empthy and fight evil itype to long repli and ifyou are in a wild wanna sell half an acre 100k my budget for land but i be happy in a log cabin i have to much stuff i dont need or value any more gona rent grow weed legal or whatever for meds and sell guess if no one there got make mo $ so i can get 1 arce min not on a cliff or next to hiway i like working but requrie truth and morels really wanna fighgt this demons spelling is not reflection of my worth in person or phone wqeary of shills bots or this spam company only respond i tell u work for fuck corpertions cliff surrey bc 7783024442 i am selfish an corny helping giving is my high doing nothing or giving to un worthy i do not 

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