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I am a Christian senior, former Home Support Worker, thus accustomed to working with folks of all ages,  who has some experience working on organic farms, is living on  a property owned by a jabbed individual who believes in submission to tyranny. ( He was raised communist, pretends to be SDA). I am a pedestrian & feel somewhat trapped as there is no bus service. The scamdemic has greatly hindered my hitch hiking. 

My hope is to share in a cooperative /communal farming community asap. I also need help to move my stuff, which will require probably 2 UHauls. Altho' I lack furniture I do have a big freezer & bins of bulk dry goods, clothing for all seasons, some books, etc.

I live near Salmon Arm & Vernon. Would be happy to connect with ppl nearby who have a similar passion for the Word of God, growing one's own food, natural remedies, wholistic health, homeschooling, nature, joint projects, ...

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