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IMPORTANT Call to ACTION! Letter provided (I did not write it...I have removed the name of the person that wrote it for everyone.
1:26 PM 
Hi Everyone.
(Removed) provided me the information this morning about the Board of Trade pushing for proof of immunization...across Canada.
Here is their phone number as well. 1 604 581 7130
Please call or email them...you can use my letter below or write one of your own and also send to a board of trade in your community...push back is critical. Please Share this email...but remove my contact info first please. 🙂 
Because of major pushback against the Vancouver airport recently over the segregation line ups...dividing vaccinated from unvaccinated...they reversed their decision and removed this campaign against the unvaccinated...excellent win!
Thank you for your participation,
From: "(Removed)
Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2021 1:15:05 PM
Subject: Surrey Board of Trade - Proof of Immunization
Surrey Board of Trade
ATTN: Anita Huberman,
           Indra Bhan,
           Jasroop Gosal
Re: COVID-19 injections recommended or administered to employees and proof of immunization
This is an official and personal Notice of Liability. You are not a medical professional and, therefore, you are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, and/or using coercion to insist employees submit to the experimental medical treatment for Covid-19, namely being injected with one of the experimental gene therapies commonly referred to as a “vaccine”.
To begin with, the emergency measures are based on the claim that we are experiencing a "public health emergency.” There is no evidence to substantiate this claim. In fact, the evidence indicates that we are experiencing a rate of infection consistent with a normal influenza season. Read More in the following notice of liability to employers. 
It is frightening to think that an experimental injection with a high incidence of adverse reactions, including death, continues to be mandated. A Constitutional legal action will be commencing in the very near future against the BC and Federal government in response to the unprecedented number of human right, privacy right and charter right violations. 
The citizens of Canada are protected under the medical and legal ethics of express informed consent, and are entitled to the full protections guaranteed under:
● Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms37 (1982) Section 2a, 2b, 7, 8, 9, 15.
● Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights38 (2005)
● Nuremberg Code39 (1947)
● Helsinki Declaration40 (1964, Revised 2013) Article 25, 26
According to top constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, “both government and private businesses cannot impose mandatory vaccinations…mandatory vaccination in all employment context would be unconstitutional and/or illegal and unenforceable.”
Employers, and individuals in positions such as yourselves, have no business applying for proof of vaccination as this is a violation of individual privacy and you are putting people at risk of harm.
There is no legislation that allows an employer to terminate an employee for not getting a COVID-19 shot. If an employer does so, they are inviting a wrongful dismissal claim, as well as a claim for a human rights code violation. For those employees who are influenced, pressured or coerced by their employer to have the COVID-19 shot, and suffer any adverse consequences as a result of the injection, the employer, and its directors, officers, and those in positions carrying out these measures on behalf of the employer, will be opening themselves up to personal civil liability, and potential personal criminal liability, under the Nuremberg Code, the Criminal Code of Canada, and the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act of Canada, all referenced above.
In conclusion, administration of vaccines is defined as a “ medical procedure”. In what other medical context could non-doctors and non-pharmacists prescribe, promote and help distribute pharmaceutical drugs? This is unauthorized practice of medicine.
Therefore, I hereby notify you that you are opening yourself up to personal liability for any harm, financial injury and/or loss of income and/or the ability for citizens to provide food and shelter for their family if you continue to use coercion or discriminate against those who have decided not to participate in the COVID-19 experimental treatments.
You must cease and desist your messaging and applications that directly violate the human rights, privacy rights and bodily autonomy of Canadians who are protected from such abuse in a free and democratic nation.

Surrey Board of Trade calls for widely used ‘proof of immunization’ for travel and businesses - BC | Globalnews.ca

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