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North Okanagan Freedom Radio Project (StandUp Vernon/Vernon United)

Hello everyone!
We're excited to introduce a new project that StandUp Vernon and Vernon United will be collaborating together on! It is our very own North Okanagan Freedom Radio, which will be accessible through the internet, our cell phones and bluetooth. It will be a great alternative to the corporate radio stations that currently blast out 24-7 propaganda and social conditioning, through immoral songs, corrupt news and repetitive advertisements, spreading lies throughout the day to brainwash the public (i.e. that paediatric vaccines are safe and effective).

Technology has advanced so much that it is very simple and inexpensive to get our radio up and running quickly (i.e. within half an hour). The biggest aspect is to gather enough content from our local area to begin broadcasting. This project will have no problem involving lots of people. There are so many wonderful groups and projects happening already within our community for us to showcase on our new freedom radio! We will be able to broadcast such things as our own truth news, podcasts, a variety of music genres and youth programs.

As part of the project, we will need experts to tutor community members on how to make and record a radio production. Technical experts will need to help us decide how best to run the broadcasts; for instance, to decide whether to use a company that hosts and provides the radio broadcasting software, or for us to do our own hosting and buy our own software for broadcasting. We would also need to decide upon which companies we want to work with.
If you would like to become involved in this exciting, new project please reply to this email.

We've created a librti group for this project so that people can stay informed and updated. See the link below.

With reference to technical experts and before closing, we would like to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to "Dan our Video Man" for his passionate commitment toward video recording and editing our myriad of truth movement events, serving to broaden our exposure! Check out Dan's Bitchute channel, Big Tree View!

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