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We would like to thank all of you for your financial contributions over the past year, without you Librti would not be here. We built and launched Librti by working thousands of unpaid hours and with our own financial investments, and the first year of Librti was made possible through your paid plan upgrades and donations.

We are at a critical point in Librti's future. In order to sustain basic monthly operating costs we need your financial support now more than ever.

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Love Your Librti

Your financial support and paid membership plan enables us to keep Librti alive and develop the functionality and quality that we've all come to know and love.

Using free Big Tech social media platforms comes at a cost; your privacy and your data is being sold without your knowledge for various purposes. At Librti, your privacy is safeguarded because we employ offshore servers and utilize sovereign technology that is not affiliated with Big Tech.

Librti is not just a product or website, we are a community who cares about a better future for us and our children (and our fur babies & farm animals).

Our Roadmap

Beyond monthly operating costs, Librti simply cannot grow into the powerful collaborative solution we all need without your financial support. We have several crucial projects in development and with your support we will cross the finish line.

January 2021
Official Launch of
March 2021
Official Launch of the Librti Video Platform
May 2021
Major Librti update and Infrastructure Upgrade completed. No more slowdowns!
August 2021
Design and Functional Updates completed.
September 2021
Completed a Major Update and Improved User Experience
November 2021
Major Infrastructure Improvements completed.
December 2021
Official Launch of the Librti Mobile App
March 2022
Official Launch of Librti Local
June 2022
Official Launch of Librti Live Stream
August 2022
Launch of Librti Learn
January 2023
Planned Launch of Librti Marketplace
February 2023
Planned Launch of Librti TV 2.0

Thank You

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sending strength, peace, and blessings to you and the ones you love.

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