Uninformed Consent - Recording of The Live Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

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Watch the recording of the Librti Premiere Event. This was the first final edit screening of the Canadian documentary film “Uninformed Consent”, Written & Directed by Todd Harris. Be the first to see the full film before its public release in August.

Please consider supporting the filmmaker by pressing the SUPPORT button below.

After the film, join the Creators, Producers and Doctors behind the Film for panel a discussion as they answer questions from the live stream audience.

For now you can spread the word and invite your friends to watch this recording of the premiere event while they support independent media and the film maker, so he can fund more movies in the near future.

Share the link: https://Librti.com/uc-premiere

Please continue to SHARE the Trailers and Post Your REVIEWS about the Film after you see it.


Share Trailer #1:  https://librti.com/view-video/uninformed-consent-documentary-teaser 

Share Trailer #2:  https://librti.com/view-video/uninformed-consent-teaser-ii 

Share Trailer #3:  https://librti.com/view-video/uninformed-consent-teaser-iii

Thank you ALL for your incredible support to get this movie and the TRUTH out!

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