Happy Canada Day Librti Family!

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Happy Canada Day!

The last 2 years have been a heck of a ride. Some of us have lost our jobs, lost friends and family, some of us are still working and escaped the coercion, the list is endless. Suffice to say, times are strange. So… what does Canada Day mean to you?

For us, Canada Day is time for reflection for all that we are most grateful for, which is this community and all of you. Without the Librti family, we truly don’t know how we could survive this. This community grounds us, helps us feel not so alone in our thoughts, values, and beliefs. We feel that we are truly blessed to have found one another, and we pray that next year at this time, our family will be even bigger!

There are many battles ahead, and it is our hope and prayer that at this time next year, we find ourselves, our country, and the world, reclaiming more of our rights and freedoms.

Happy 155th Birthday Canada. All of us together will make Canada great again.

Librti Team

Dione, Roman, Norbert, and Odessa

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