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Dear Librti family,

Thank you for being here with us on this epic journey! We have celebrated many milestones together including the rollout of Librti Video, the Librti Mobile App, our 1 Year Anniversary this past January, and today, we are more than excited to announce the official launch of Librti 2.0.

We are listening to you and we value your feedback and suggestions. Librti 2.0 is the result of months of work, your financial contributions, and your feedback. Librti 2.0 is the new and improved Librti tailored to what you have been asking for. Librti 2.0 is user-friendly, making it easier than ever to use and share. The new design is focused on simplicity, creating community, improving your user experience, and will serve as the foundation for the future.

Librti 2.0 will be a work in progress over the next few weeks as we work on a number of additional improvements and fixes. Librti will get even better!

Please accept our deepest gratitude and thanks for all your support over the past year. That includes paid subscriptions, donations, and beautiful letters of encouragement that truly keep us going. We are 100% member funded. Please help us keep growing, we need your financial support to sustain basic monthly operating costs. We are mindful that many of us have been negatively affected financially over the past 2 years and we have 3 plans to choose from to make supporting Librti affordable: Supporter $4/mo, Premium $10/mo, Visionary $24/mo

Librti 2.0 Wicked Awesome Features:

  • Cleaner, simplified design. Do you like the new coloured icons? We do!
  • Left sidebar is now hidden to make Librti easier to use and to improve the social experience.
  • Dark mode. Tired of burning your eyes at night? You can access dark mode by opening the top-right profile menu dropdown.
  • Friendly URLs – rather than being a chain of numbers, all Librti content will now have simple friendly links such as or
  • How do you like the homepage after the visual and functional transformation? You now have access to your content, groups, events, and more, right next to your news feeds!
  • You can now upload, edit, crop, and enhance profile and cover pictures directly within your profile page.
  • Librti Livestream is integrated and is almost ready to go. Stay Tuned!

All this and much more is made possible by all you. Please consider helping us keep Librti online and growing with your paid subscriptions, and donations.

Let us know what you think about the new update in the comments below!

Sending love, strength, and peace to you and the ones you love.

With all of our love and gratitude,

Roman, Dione, Norbert, and Odessa

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