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Hello Librti Family,

First off, a great BIG Librti Welcome to everyone that is new to the platform. Librti has experienced significant growth in the last number of weeks – we are SO glad you are here with us! Behind the scenes the Librti team is working hard on improving loading speeds and performance in order to accommodate for all our new members.

Librti is a safe haven for savvy freedom-minded people who want to keep away from Big Tech, which tracks your every move, sells your data, and censors you and your information. On Librti, we do NOT have FACT CHECKERS, we can all speak what is on our hearts and minds and we will not be silenced.

From time to time, we send out calls for financial support to help draw attention to the fact that we are 100% member supported. Your financial support ensures that we can cover operational costs and performance improvements. And right now, we need your help to cover our monthly costs - only 29% of August's expenses were covered so far this month. In addition, over the next several weeks we will need to invest into a server infrastructure improvement, which will result in Librti loading significantly faster and Librti will be set for future growth.

Thank you to those of you who have supported us financially over the past 1.5 years, without you, Librti would not be here.

If you enjoy Librti, if you value the community that is coming together, please consider supporting us with either a paid plan that could cost as little as a cup of coffee a month or by providing a one-time or recurring donation. At this critical time in our lives, platforms like Librti are what allows us to find each other, stay connected, and share information freely without reprisal.

Please help us stay alive and keep our freedom beacon lighthouse up and running. As the light shines on the truth, and big tech continues to censor, our family with grow even larger. Help protect and protect your freedom of speech by making a financial contribution.

Sending love, strength, and peace to you and the ones you love.

With all of our love and gratitude,

Dione, Roman, Norbert, and Odessa

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